Nkwen Fondom celebrates life of late Queen Mother

Late Queen Mother

Ngehgah Emmerencia (Miafor Azehfor III) Queen Mother to the Nkwen Fondom who passed on to glory Monday June 8, 2020, was offered a mass Thursday June 11, 2020 to commence her mourning. The funeral mass was done at the Nkwen palace esplanade with a massive turnout.  

Romans 6, was the chapter of the Bible used by the officiating ministers, Rev. Fr Andreas Tamutana and Rev. Fr Emilio Calcena, to make the message of “life after death” clear. 

Fon Azehfor III(Middle)

HRM Fon Azehfor III, Fon of Nkwen, while paying tributes to his mother explained her role in the Fondom as a Queen mother. 

“It is first of all a great loss to me and the Fondom. My mother was a very important pillar in the lives of the Fondom and me. She supported me in my administration, a major source of my inspiration. She gave me wise councils especially when we have difficulties. She acts on my behalf when am out for other services. Coordinates my wives and the entire community was looking up to her.” 

The Fondom of Nkwen, is located in Bamenda, capital of English speaking North West Region

Nkwenti Clement, village councillor

Mr Nkwenti Clement a traditional councilor explained why the Catholic Church ministered the mass and her relationship with the church. 

“The church is superior to tradition. If we chose the Catholic Church to offer the mass it is because she was a member of the CWA (Christian Women Association) and had a cordial relationship with the Catholic Church and God.”

“We are very closely linked to God. 
Our tradition is not different from the gospel of the lord.” Nkwenti Clement added. 

The funeral ceremony was attended by Fon Afungchwi III of Bambili- a village with a less than 30 minutes drive from Nkwen and Mayor Fongu Cletus of Bamenda III subdivisional council

Mama Ngehgah was born in 1944 in Manda Quarter Nkwen. She got married to the then Fon of Nkwen, Fon Ngufor III and was blessed with four boys, one of blessed memory. She was baptized and later became a member of the CWA. She lost her husband in 2013 and assume the functions of a Queen mother till her demise on June 8, 2020. 

According to the tradition of the Nkwen people, Miafor Azehfor III will be mourned for seven days during which no tedious farm work will be done. 


Anye Nde Nsoh

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