Covid-19: Nkwen Fondom Empowered to tackle spread

Hand wash stations and liquid soap

Under the umbrella of the Nkwen Cultural and Development Association (NCDA), sons and daughters of the Nkwen Fondom at home and abroad have handed over 100 hand wash stations and 600 litres of liquid soap to all 58 quarters in the fondom, schools, markets, health centres, churches and public places as they intensify measures to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

While handing over the hand wash stations and liquid soap, the project implementation coordinator, Dr. Louis Nforbelieh Ngwa called on the quarter heads to devise other measures on how to enforce the safety of their population. He disclosed that, the project has made provision for the filling of water in the hand wash stations for a two-months period.

Dr. Louis Nforbelieh Ngwa, Project implementation coordinator

During the first phase of the project, six thousand facemasks and hand sanitizers were offered to the population of Nkwen, 10 hand wash stations placed in some strategic areas and sensitization campaigns against Covid-19. It also included the training of training of Quarter ambassadors charged to frequently sensitize the population in the quarters.

Quarter ambassadors

The first phase of the project was carried out by the Nkwen Elites Association (a Common Initiative Group) under the NCDA and the second phase by the NCDA to the tune of 13 million francs CFA.

On behalf of the entire Nkwen Fondom, the Paramount Leader of the Nkwen People in Mezam Division of the North West Region, HRH Fon Azehfor III reiterated that Covid-19 is real and the hand wash stations is for everybody staying in Nkwen.

HRH Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen (in white) addressing the population

"On behalf of the Kwifo'o and Takenbengs of Nkwen, we express our gratitude to NCDA and God will continue to bless them to move ahead. Times are really hard but they have gone an extra mile to provide us with protection", Fon Azehfor III said.

"I want to insist that each and every person living in Nkwen is oblarged to protect themselves. These things are not meant only for Nkwen people. As long as you are living in Nkwen, wash your hands before you step out of your house. Get a soap, wash your hands and once in a while, the quarter heads can even disinfect the quarter", Fon Azefor III reiterated.

HRH Fon Azehfor III using the wash hand station

According to Mr. Paul Asafor, National President of NCDA, the items are not for Nkwen people alone but for all who find themselves both in Nkwen Rural and Nkwen Urban as he also thanked all those who contributed to the realization of the project.

Mr. Paul Asafor, National President of NCDA

On his part, Bamenda III council mayor, Fonguh Cletus, appreciated NCDA and noted that, they have been a pillar of development in the Nkwen municipality.

Fonguh Cletus, Mayor Bamenda III Council

To ensure that the hand wash stations does not lack water, the Fon promised to personally supervise the exercise and promised serious sanctions to quarter heads who fail to take proper care of the hand wash stations.

HRH Fon Azehfor III and some notables

The project came to fruition thanks to NCDA members in the USA, UK, UAE, Japan, Turkey, Germany, Belgium and Cameroon.

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The Nkwen Cultural and Development Association, NCDA, is a non-profit organization bringing together sons and daughters of the Nkwen Fondom at home and abroad to foster the development of the community. It also has as one of it's objectives to promote the culture of the Nkwen people.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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