CAMASEJ NW President recommends reconstruction of media organs to Paul Tasong

Ambe McMillian Awa, CAMASEJ NW President

The president of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ, NW Chapter, Ambe Macmillan, has called for the inclusion of media structures burnt during the Anglophone crisis in the presidential reconstruction plan

In an audience with Minister Paul Tasong, National coordinator of the Presidential plan for the reconstruction of the North West and South West Regions, Ambe McMillian Awa stressed that the press should be fully incorporated into the plan as they have the means to reach out to the masses

Talking to the The Observer shortly after the audience, he highlighted some of the proposals he channeled. 

“The first thing we told them was that journalists have to be informed properly about what they intend to do and what they are doing before we can inform our audience. If we are not informed it will be very difficult to pass on information. Secondly, they should be very honest in their communication.  Whatever they do, they must make the people feel involved because if the people are not Involved it will be a stumbling block.”

When quizzed about the resolutions arrived at, he says 

“They said the Public Relations officer of the team still to be decided upon, will get to us when resolutions have been made. Moreover they said they will like to work with a constituted body like CAMASEJ.”

He went ahead to congratulate the bravery and openness of the Tasong/Njong team

“We equally appreciated the courage they took to be in the region and we were very happy that they received us and our proposals.”

The sensitisation and awareness campaign will conclude it's weeklong deliberations in Bamenda this Friday June 2020. 

Sky FM Ndu, Chamber community Radio Balikumbat, Stone FM in Ndop have been raised down during the anglophone crisis

Several radio stations have shutdown including Moghamo Community radio, Boyo and Belo community Radio, City Community radio in Kumbo with several Journalists either fleeing or rendered jobless.

The norms of the profession has to be respected if much is expected from the press.


Anye Nde Nsoh

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