Anglophone Crisis: Military Wades into Bafut Again

weapon seized from the separatist fighters

Cameroon's defense forces have undertaken another trip to Bafut in what is termed "operation clean Bafut II"

In this second phase to Wade off armed separatists from Bafut, the commander of the 51st motorised infantry Brigade, Col. Matiang Charles Alain explained to the Commanders of the 5th Joint Military Region and the Commander of the 5th Gendarmerie Region, Generals Nka Valere and Ekongwese Divine that the phase II of the operation lasted seven days with an impressive result

Nforya, the Bafut forest and Agyati moving to Mile 30 were the targeted villages in Bafut subdivision with over 300 uniform officers and some 25 vehicles used for the operation

The operation "clean Bafut II" comes barely a month after the first phase

The Cameroon defense forces recorded two wounded soldiers 

Bikes used for operations by the fighters

On the side of the separatist fighters, 28 den guns, 11 pistols, a council truck belonging to the Bafut council, a tricycle, 8 cars and some locally made explosives were seized 

Bafut council regains truck

Presenting these items Tuesday June 2 at the 501 airbase, Commander of the troops, Col Matiang Charles Alain acknowledged the firm collaboration between the people of Bafut and the military who want a return to normalcy soonest. 

During the first operation where the saddle Hill Ranch that had been captured by "general Alhadji" was reclaimed, the lives of his two daughters were safe in this second operation

20 year old girl recounts her story

The girls age 6 and 20 years old recount how they were rescued

"On the day of the operation, I was sleeping and just heard gunshots and my parents ran into the bush and when I took my kid sister to follow them, my mother sent me back. That is how we were rescued and taken here. I have pleaded with my parents to stop this thing let's return to a normal life but each time I speak about this, he will beat me up to the point where my ID was seized so I can't escape" recounted the 20 year old daughter

The daughters of "general Alahji" are under the watch of the Regional Delegation of Social Affairs for the North West who have been taking care of their welfare since they arrived the 501 airbase

Nka and Ekongwese boasting moral of troops

General Nka Valere applauded the strength and hard work of the defense and security forces with a message from the Minister of Defense and the Army Chief of Staff and reminded them that Bafut must be clean of all separatist fighters. 

"Peace has to return to the entire Region. So we still have much work to do in Bui, Momo, Menchum etc" the General highlighted

General Ekongwese Divine encouraged the displaced population of Bafut to return back home and continue it's collaboration with the Military for long lasting peace to be attained

"The population has a big role to play for development and normalcy to return" 

The Generals concluded their visit with a COVID-19 prevention and  sensitisation message. A Healthy soldier is a healthy country


Fomusoh Rachel on special assignment to Bafut

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