13 separatist fighters killed, weapons seized in operation 'Widi-Bali'

weapons seized from separatist fighters

Some 13 separatist fighters have been killed and several others injured in a 5-day operation dubbed "Operation Widi-Bali" carried out by the military in the localities of Widikum, Batibo, Bifang, Ashong, Guzang, Pinyin, Baba II and Bali, in Cameroon's restive North West region, Cameroon where separatist fighters have been fighting to impose themselves since the wake of the Anglophone crisis in 2016

During the raid, 300 soldiers commanded by Colonel Matiang Charles Alain, commander of the 51st motorised infantary battalion, retrieved a machine gun and rocket propeller ceased from the military by the separatist fighters in the locality of Ambo in 2018 after decapitating a military man.

While presenting the items gotten from the separatist fighters to the commander of the 5th Joint military region, Brigadier General Nka Valere and his entourage, Colonel Matiang Charles Alain revealed that, during the operation, one gendarme was killed and one other injured. He also disclosed that with the information gotten from the field, it is necessary for them to return to this area.

The items ceased included den guns, gun powders, locally made explosives, generators, computers, solar panels, phones, motor bikes, machetes and many others.

Gen Nka Valere speaks to the press

In response, Brigadier General Nka Valere saluted the bravery of the soldiers and reminded them that the fight isn't over yet. He said after Operation Bafut I and II, it became imperative to go to other areas of the region.

Operation Widi-Bali therefore came into fruition after separatist fighters had mounted barricades, blocking traffic along the Bamenda-Mamfe highway.

Bikes used by separatist fighters seized

General Nka Valere also saluted the defense forces who carried out a similar operation in Bokam, a locality around Jakiri, Bui Division, North West region and Zhoa in the Menchum Division. These operations he said, led to the death of a dozen of separatist fighters and several ammunitions retrieved from them.

He encouraged the soldiers to continue respecting the human rights of the civilian population.

Gen Nka Valere salutes the bravery of soldiers

Brigadier General Nka Valere also used the opportunity to denounce some military officers who extort money from business people along this stretch of road as he promised tougher days ahead for them.

"All those who want to enrich themselves by extorting money from business people using this road will be severely punished. Measures have already been taken to get the perpetrators of these acts", General Nka Valere said.

Prior to the presentation of these items collected from the separatist fighters, the general and his entourage were received by the D.O of Bali, Dolingo Diongo. During their brief meeting at the D.O's office, he narrated the ordeal that they go through in Bali. "There's a camp in Bali that brings together separatist fighters from Alabukam, Batibo and Bafut. Whenever they come together, we can't sleep with our eyes closed", the DO said.

In response to the preoccupations of the D.O, the Gen.Nka Valere promised that security will be reinforced in Bali right to the boundary with the south west region.


Nji Nelson Chefor

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