Parliament: Hon. Agho Oliver supports Muslims and patients in Tubah

Hon Agho and Lamido Mamuda

The Member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah constituency, Honorable Agho Oliver has donated cartons of sugar, tea and face masks to the Muslim community in Sabga as they engage in the last quarter of Ramadan

The donation exercise Sunday May 10th was well received by the Lamido of Sabga, Mamuda Sabga
Items handed

"To think of the Muslims of Sabga during this period of Ramadan gladdens my heart"

"The items received will be shared to all the households of Sabga" he remarked

Muslims in Cameroon and beyond are observing the 17th Day of Ramadan

Hon. Agho Oliver

Accompanied by the Mayors of Bafut and Tubah, Honorable Agho Oliver thanked the population who turned out massively on March 22nd to vote him into Parliament

"The people of Sabga are promise keepers. They promised me during campaigns that they will vote for me and actually voted"

"After this I will come back for us to establish a project logbook in this area" he promised

Tubah Mayor, Middle

The Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin used the occasion to called on the population  to respect the guidelines set by the Government so as to bar COVID-19 from reaching Sabga

He prescribed the wearing of face masks, social distancing and constant washing of hands with soap

Together the political leaders reminded the people that no meaningful development can take place in disorder

"I am a builder not a destroyer" Hon Agho reiterated

Visit to patients

Hon Agho Oliver made an impromptu stop over at Sabga Integrated Baptist Health Centre where he inspected the facility and saluted the patients. A sum of 300.000 Francs was handed to the medical doctor to clear the outstanding bills of patients

"I made this unannounced stop over to see how we can assist this health facility. I have seen their difficulties. The Mayor of Tubah and myself will address them"

Dr Dimla Emmanuel, Medical Doctor at the facility expressed joy that patients will have a relaxed stay at the centre

He pleaded with Honorable to assist his lersonnpe with face masks. A plea the Honorable promised to honour

This outing by Hon Agho Oliver brings to 3 the number of outings made by the Member of Parliament since voted on March 22nd

Hon Agho communes with women in Sabga

He has provided roofing sheets to the people of Bambui in Tubah subdivision and Bafut

This is his maiden visit to his native Kedjom Ketinguh since his Election


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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