COVID-19: Biya's Gift Gets to Bamenda I

Bamenda I Mayor hands gift

The Presidential gift to fight against the coronavirus has been distributed in Bamenda I subdivision

The distribution exercise Thursday May 7th saw the participation of schools, health centres and vigilante groups

Bamenda I Divisional officer, Gilbert Guibai enjoined the population to use the items judiciously to stop the spread of the virus in the subdivision

"The President has decided to put at the disposal of the people, masks, sanitisers, buckets, so as to fight the coronavirus"

"The main beneficiary of the day are the persons living with disability, orphans, windows and IDPS, health structures and the schools who shall open their doors soon"

The civil administrator explained to the people to respect the measures put in place by Government and the WHO to curb the spread of the virus

  • Bamenda I Divisional Officer

Bamenda I Mayor, Mbigha Njah Felix encouraged the population to use the items for the purpose for which it was sent

"Wash your hands regularly with soap and more especially, avoided crowded areas. If you must leave the house, wear a face mask" the Mayor remarked

Head teachers of primary schools thanked President Biya for this gesture that will facilitate hand washing when classes resume next June

President Biya's 2 billion gift to fight the coronavirus was dispatched to the 360 subdivisions of Cameroon by Territorial Administration Minister Paul Atanga Nji. North West Governor Lele L'Afrique last Monday 4th May distributed the gift to the seven subdivisions that make up mezam

Bamenda currently counts 11 cases of the coronavirus with one death recorded


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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