Bamenda: Commercial bike riders stage protest, requests unconditional release of impounded bikes

Commercial bike riders in Bamenda under the Reformed Bike Riders Association have staged a peaceful protest in the streets of Bamenda. The protest that took place May 1, 2020 took the riders along the streets of Bamenda to the commercial Avenue and then City chemist roundabout where they expressed their grieviances to the city Mayor, Achobong Tembang Paul.

Most of them had seen their bikes sized by forces of law and order for failing to procure identification documents demanded by the state.

Nsoh Handsome, addressing Bike riders

The seizure was equally motivated by the increasing rate of kidnapping, thievery and harrassment by men on motorbikes

Few weeks ago, a shop owner was killed at the Hospital roundabout and the assassins made away on a bike

In a last security meeting in Bamenda in March, the minister of territoral administration, Paul Atanga Nji, instructed that all commercial bikes should be painted yellow and bikers should have a jacket, Insurance and driver's licence

In their protest today, the riders represented by their president Nsoh Handsome, where categorical about their plights.

"We are all humans, we need to feed our families, we are tired of kidnapping and killing perpetrated by people claiming to be bike riders", he said.

They pledge to respect the institutions of the republic but in turn to be respected. The President sent a strong message to the defense and security forces to stop harassing them while they play their trait in peace

"We will procure all the documents demanded but let our bikes be given so we can work and pay" Handsome intimated

To calm the commercial bikers at city chemist was the city mayor Paul Achombang and the mayors of Bamenda I, Mbigha Njah Felix, Mayor Bamenda II, chenwi Peter.

The city mayor reassured the bike riders that their bikes will be handed back to them only if they respect instructions from their authorities.

He promised to channel their worries to the SDO of Mezam.

By Fomusoh Rachel

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