Irate Bambili Youth Beg Kwifon To Avenge Brutal Killing Of Notables

Fon of Bambili

Angry youth of Bambili, a Fondom in Tubah Subdivision in Cameroons restive Northwest Region have asked the village Kwifon-the dreaded village Chief Priest to invoke the ancestral powers of the land to avenge the brutal killing of two village notables.

Tanjong Joseph, the Bambili Traditional Council President and his Secretary General, Awemo Joseph, were brutally shot dead in their homes Tuesday April 14, 2020.

Inhabitants of the village blamed the heinous act on members of the Ambazonia separatist movement, a non-state armed group clamoring for the creation of a separate state named, Ambazonia from the Republic of Cameroon, a Central African country.

The irate youth converged on the Palace Thursday April 16, 2020 for a crisis meeting that was summoned by the Fon, HRH Afungchwi III.

They pleaded with the traditional custodian to grant them permission to take the laws into their hands and wipe out any trace of the families of the perpetrators of the barbaric act.

In his wisdom, Afungchwi III told the villagers that the ‘Kwifon’ will invoke the powers bestowed on him by the ancestors to cleanse the land and banished all those who committed the macabre act.

Fon Afungchui III called on his people to be united, focus and stand like one man in the face of such atrocities.

"Anybody who sheds blood in the village will get a reply from the gods. Remain calm, avoid retaliation and be ready to forgive each other," he warned.

Mayor of Tubah

Tanjong Martin, the Mayor of Tubah, a local council in the area described the act as horrific, adding, that the people of Bambili had tolerated enough of the atrocities of the gunmen.

"This is not the first incident. They started by slaughtering three young men in a day. They got another one and slaughtered him like a cow. We took it like a joke. They later on moved to a bridge. The only bridge that links the village with its neighbours was brought down," Tanjong disclosed, adding, that the people have vowed to end the mayhems in the municipality.

The ‘Kwifon’ in Bambili to perform cleansing right is known as "Ngwii".

Locals say a special dust was blown to send off the atrocities from the village as part of the process and a symbolic calabash smashed to mark an end to bloodshed in the land.

To recall is the fact that two of the gunmen said to be behind the act were neutralized by security elements same day while the angry villagers on their part ignored calls from their ruler for restraint and killed another gunman Wednesday April 15, 2020 as a warning to perpetrators.

The crisis has crippled most economic activities of the region and the village and its neighbouring localities in particular.

Elderly persons in Bambili and Bambui have come under repeated attacks and severe beatings from the gunmen over the last one month.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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