COVID-19: Bamenda II Mayor takes Fight to the streets

Bamenda II Mayor on the streets

The Mayor of Bamenda II subdivisional council, Chenwi Peter and his 2nd Deputy, Madam Joko Frida have carried out a sensitisation campaign against the coronavirus along the commercial centre in Bamenda Wednesday April 22nd

Face mask, hand sanitizers, toilet tissue, tap buckets and buckets were distributed to financial institutions, beer parlours, traders, mobile telephone companies, bookshops, and travel agencies that attract a huge crowd daily

The Mayor called on all and sundry to respect the 20 measures put in place by Government to curb spread of virus

"No one should die in Bamenda II because of COVID-19" he reiterated

At the Bamenda Main Market, the traders saluted the initiative from the Bamenda II Council

"We will put this into effective use, we will ensure water is always available in the tap bucket" a trader reassured the Mayor

Mayor Chenwi and MTN Branch Manager

At MTN Cameroon, the Manager expressed plenty of joy to receive the Mayor donating to his institution

"I was thinking of meeting the new team of the council. Here they are at my doorsteps. What an initiative" he acclaimed

Medical personnels used loud speakers to sensitise the population of the Municipality at City Chemist as to what they should do to keep safe

"Wear your face mask before leaving the house. If you have your mask on and I have my mask on, we respect the 1.5 metre distance, we cannot carry the virus. Use hand sanitizers to disinfect your hand when you touch any surface or money. Avoid touching your face, avoid crowded areas"

Fake hand sanitizers were also discouraged by the medical team who advised that it should be acquired only from recommended pharmacies and must contain 96% ethanol

The public sensitisation comes barely two weeks after the council distributed sanitary kits to quarter heads of the four villages( Mbatu, Nsongwa, Chomba and Mankon) that make up the subdivision

Bamenda currently has a single case of the COVID-19


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