COVID-19 Affects National Day Theme

Cameroonians will on May 2020 Celebrate the 48th National Day in Cameroon in a unique context, the Coronavirus

Defense Minister, Joseph Beti Assomo on April 20 made known the theme of this year's edition

"United against the COVID-19 Pandemic, to resolutely steer Cameroon on the path of resilience, peace, stability and Economic Development"

Focus is on the coronavirus that has affected Nine of the 10 regions with the North West recording it's first case on Tuesday April 20

Statistics from the Ministry of Public Health puts the total number of cases at 1162, with 206 recoveries and 43 deaths

In the face of this global pandemic, the country continues to focus it's attention on the crisis that has been rocking the English speaking part of Cameroon since 2016. Peace and stability have been inculcated into the theme

Gunshots, killings, road blocks are a daily occurrence in the English speaking regions. Last week in the North West, Two Notables were killed in Bambili, a university area in the outskirts of Bamenda, more than five in Batibo, one in Nwa and  two in Bamenda

Cameroon will be celebrating a National day with wars on several fronts to be won. Boko Haram insurgency continues in the Far North Region, the Anglophone crisis is yet to get a definite cure and today the Coronavirus

It will need Cameroonians of all walks of life to contribute their respective quotas for normalcy to return to a Republic once cherished for it's unrivaled peace in a turbulent subregion


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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