"We will win Again"- Nestus Fru Manju

Nestus Fru Manju

The Parliamentary aspirant for Mezam Centre, Nestus Fru Manju is optimistic that after the vote count, the CPDM Will be in control of Bamenda and Bali

He made the remarks Sunday, March 22nd 2020 after casting his vote at the Government Bilingual School Old town Bamenda

The candidate authoritatively said he won the Elections on February 9 and it was not any fault of theirs if the Elections were cancelled

He further stated that the party will win by a higher margin this time around "there is a great improvement this time and we are going to win in grand style. The last time we won and due to some irregularities observed by the Constitutional council, the Election has to be rerun"

The February 9 Legislative Elections were cancelled on February 25 by the Constitutional council. The council cancelled Elections in some 10 constituencies, with 12 parliamentary seats up for competition. The ruling in favour of the SDF was on ground that polling stations were merged to polling centres and the population were not properly informed

The Jurist hinted that the mobilisation this time around was massive reasons why he is confident he will be voted to replace the Hon Fobi Nchinda Simon who has been at the National Assembly since 2007 on the SDF ticket

Since the Advent of Multiparty politics in 1990, the CPDM is yet to win a parliamentary seat in Mezam Centre


Neba Jerome Ambe

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