Minister Mbah Acha Launches Elections rerun, recommends Mouth to Ear strategy

Minister Mbah Acha Launches Campaigns

The CPDM permanent campaign leader for Momo, Minister Mbah Acha Rose has challenged the Militants of the party in Momo Division to come out like one man to vote the CPDM on March 22nd 2020

In a launching ceremony, Saturday March 14th, she challenged Councillors and heads of communal Campaign teams to each bring 50 electors on polling day. Stressing that the party won on February 9 and will win again

Momo Division has three parliamentary seats up for grasp. The three substantive candidates all took turns to call on all and sundry to be present and let the ballot box talk

"It's only when the water is dirty that you catch the Biggest fish. Now the water is dirty, the CPDM will catch the Biggest fish" says Awutah Philip, Parliamentary aspirant

The various communal Campaign teams assured their party hierarchy that the ground has been levelled for a CPDM win

"We have mobilised Militants at the level of Njangi groups and village meetings. We are confident we will make it" they said

Minister Mbah Acha Rose encouraged the various Campaign teams to hit the ground early and Use the mouth to ear approach to talk to the Electorates.

The CPDM Campaign team for Momo has Eight Days to do all the ground works before polling day.

Injoh Foo Ngang Prodencia and Anyere Charles Akah are running in Momo East while Awutah Philip Atubah for Momo West


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