Mezam Centre Rerun; Hon Fobi Promises People oriented Leadership

Hon Fobi

The Parliamentary aspirant for Bamenda and Bali, Hon Fobi Nchinda Simon has promised to be at the forefront of the problems facing Mezam Centre in the 10th legislature.

 The MP who has been in Parliament since 2007, knows what is required for the Anglophone crisis to come to an end. His mission back to the Glass House is to put the final nail on the coffin on the Anglophone crisis

In 2019, at the  Party’s secretariat in Bamenda, Hon Fobi said the time for Cameroon to actually take off has come. By this he called on all  Cameroonians from home and abroad to join him put up a strong coalition that will bring the most needed change in Cameroon.

 The incumbent  is calling on all and on sundry who are duly registered and want change, to come out on March 22nd, 2020 and vote for the Social Democratic Front party which he is the flag bearer.

The man who stands for transparency and accountability in all spheres of life, the man who stands for a genuine dialogue and negotiated peace for Anglophone to end the ongoing crisis, the man whose motor is equitable national development, social justice and the rule of law for all, the man who stands for freedom of speech and sustained civil liberties and above all, the man who stands for youths employment through job creation in all domain. That is the Fobi Nchinda Simon

The 72 year old, Fobi Nchinda Simon who comes knocking at the doors of the people of Bamenda and Bali, started his professional career as an assistant professor at the National School of Engineering in Yaoundé before joining politics and today he is one of those politicians that have fought for justice, equity and fair distribution of the national cake in Cameroon.

A responsible married man with children, Hon Fobi Nchinda knows exactly where the shoe is pinching. He is one of the many members of Parliament who formed a micro project committe to manage his micro project grants. Selected from amongst the various Subdivisions, Hon Fobi effectively ensured that his micro project grants touched all and sundry

As member of the finance and budgetary committee, he has fought tooth and nail for the respect of the finance law and an effective implementation of the public Investment budget in the North West

Neba Jerome

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