COVID-19; Cameroon Records New Cases Daily

From Wuhan China, to other parts of Europe, America and other continents, Africa is not left out with positive cases of the Coronavirus being recorded each day.

Cameroon so far has recorded the highest number of cases, West of Africa. From one suspected case to 88 and counting in less than a month. More suspected cases are still pending a test

With such increasing number, Cameroonians have been gripped in fear though some are doubtful about its existence in the country. Conscious citizens are taking necessary measures to avoid contracting the virus. Face mask and hand sanitizers are frequently used for prevention. Fear of leaving the house and self quarantine has been adopted by many

According to the Minister of Public Health Dr. Manaouda Malachi in one of his tweets, 284 persons are pending test and confirmation in Douala and 271 in Yaoundé. One death has been recorded since the virus reached Cameroon. Two persons who contracted the virus, tested negative

The Center, Littoral and West Regions have all recorded cases of the virus

The question is what will happen to the people to ensure they are safe? Despite the preventive measures taken by the government, the virus keeps spreading making the future bleak.

If precautions are not taken, the number of infected persons will keep increasing as days go by.

According to the World Health organization, the world has recorded 464,683 cases, 20,952 deaths and 113, 803 cleared. Italy is currently dominating with 6,820 deaths, Spain 3,434 deaths, 3,285 in China.


Anye Nde Nsoh

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