Bamenda City Mayor takes preventive measures against Coronavirus

Paul Achobong

The City Mayor of Bamenda, Paul Achobong has called on all stakeholders of the city to manage the spread of the coronavirus and respect the Prime Ministerial guidelines of March 17th, 2020

To lay down the ground works to avoid the spread of the virus especially in Markets, the city Mayor emphasized on togetherness in combatting the spread of this virus.

“We have to be City changers and owners. Too many differences amongst us have already divided the City. Now we have to work together and fight Covid-19 virus”.

How to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in our markets and commercial centers, was the focus of the Regional Delegate of commerce, Mr Ghogomu Abel Foncha, who highlighted some measures to be taken;

"Buyers and consumers of goods and services are to be protected, hygiene and sanitation should be maximized at every commercial center."

 Sellers are advised to wear protective gloves and avoid touching the commodities.

He went further to reiterate the fact that people should stay at home if necessary and follow the nationwide time for circulation and public operations
- 6am - 8am Opening and cleaning of shops.
- 4pm - 5pm Cleaning and closing
- 6pm all markets and commercial places locked.

The Divisional Delegate of Trade for Mezam centered his presentation on ensuring the availability of goods of basic necessity throughout this period

He laid much emphasis on the prices of goods and services which people may inflate stating that prices should not be exaggerated. He called on business persons to publish price list to avoid interception and touching.

Market masters have been instructed to ensure the publication of prices of commodities.

He frowned against selling below or above market prices or creating artificial shortage during this period and terms it “criminal”.

Cameroon has recorded 75 cases, one dead and two persons medically cleared of the virus

The world has recorded 464, 683 cases, 20,952 deaths and 113,802 persons cleared.

Regular washing of hands, avoiding crowded places is amongst personal measures advised to be taken


Anye Nde Nsoh

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