SDF Walks out of City Mayor Election, Accepts 2nd Deputy

Councillors finding Common grounds

Councillors of the SDF boycotted the Elections of the City Mayor of Bamenda

In a session held Tuesday, 25th February 2020, the councillors of the SDF run Bamenda 3 council stormed out of the hall in what they called "dictates of the SDO."

The Senior Divisional officer of Mezam rejected the SDF Nomination of Louis Angwafo, a CPDM Councillor of Bamenda 2 saying, "Nominate from your party," the councillors asked for clarification as to which text prohibited them. In response, the SDO gave 10 minutes for them to seek for common grounds

Mezam SDO and New City Council Executive

In a bit not to go against party discipline, the SDF candidate, Louis Angwafo, could not push through and the party opted for a second nomination, Fonguh Cletus Tanwie

Mezam SDO, Mooh Simon Emile, rejected the nomination that all nominations were closed. Paving the way for Paul Achombang to stand unopposed

He finally secured 58 votes hence becoming the first ever elected City Mayor of Bamenda

Louis Angwafo (left) and Paul Achombang (right)

The 55 year old is a civil Engineer

The SDF Councillors took their seats for the Election of Deputy Mayors. After a heated debate, they succeeded in having the second Deputy City Mayor, Lucas Nguh Agong

Civil Administrators are observers in the process to Elect Mayors. The session is chaired by the Oldest and Youngest councillor

The oldest councillor from the SDF, walked out and was replaced by the second oldest who conducted the session at the dictates of the SDO

Paul Achombang takes over from Ndumu Vincent who spent 11 years as Government Delegate


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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