Ngarr-buh Killings, MINDEF Speaks 72 Hours After

72 Hours after the killings in Ngarr-buh, Ndu subdivision of North West Cameroon, the Head of Communications of the Ministry of Defense, Frigat e Atonfack Guemo has issued a statement denying all acts of Massacre apportioned to the military

In a release made Public Tuesday, 17th February 2020, MINDEF acknowledged that Four soldiers and two Gendarmes acting on intelligence report in Ngarr-buh, a locality known for the sales of illicit drugs, fuel, arms and ammunitions, came under surveillance.

In a bloody confrontation between the military and the separatists, the MINDEF Communications boss highlights that seven separatists fighters were neutralised.  Unofficial sources puts  the toll at 35 with toddlers and a pregnant woman inclusive.

An explosion of fuel containers as a result of the exchange between the separatists and the Military resulted in a violent fire eruption. No official from Donga Mantung has  made a statement about the incident.

MINDEF however accepts that collateral damages were suffered during the exchange with no figures made public

Reports on social media have varying figures to the number of deads recorded. Andy Andrew Pendleton, UN OCHA sub office head Bamenda,  human rights activists  Agbor Balla, Gabby Ambo and Akere Muna have called on the Government of Cameroon to investigate the incident

The killings have attracted world wide condemnations so far.

Cameroon's Ministry of Defense says investigations have been opened and when concluded, findings will be made Public


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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