GIDICom Gives Hope to Women through Fireside Talk

Women sitting around the fireside

The effects of the Anglophone crisis has buried so much hatred and pain in the minds of many and women are not exempted from this. Such pain and hatred has been manifested online and offline in hate speeches and violent attacks. Women have sometimes been the oppressor or the oppressed.

It's against this backdrop that the Global Initiative for Digital inclusion and Communication GIDICom as part of its #Act4peace237 Campaign which is a defyhatenow initiative organized a fireside chat with women, particularly women with special abilities. Their stories have gone unreported and GIDICom felt like including these set of women around the dialogue

GIDICom DG, Gender officer with women living with disabilities 

Madame Rosaline Obah Akah moderated the session where she called on the women to engage in the discussion. She told the women that it was a heart to heart talk and that they should feel at home
The Executive Director of GIDICom applauded the efforts made by the women to come particularly at a time when there is insecurity. She explained the concept of #DefyHateNow and #Act4peace237 Campaign which is geared towards taking small but hygienic steps towards a #HateFree online and offline space. She urged them to begin by advocating peace in their small spheres of influence by solving little misunderstandings around their communities.

Women during the chat shared their pain most of which included losing loved ones, property, teenage pregnancies, lack home comfort, lack of assistance, inability for persons living with disabilities to run when there is a shootout.
Women with special abilities frowned at all organizations carrying out humanitarian assistance and government for no one has done assessment needs for them and most explain that they have registered, struggled to even reach some of the distribution sites but collected no item. They live with this bitterness but thank GIDICom for listening to them at least they go back relieved.

At the end of the chat session Madam Pedmia Shatu echoed that 15 women was a good nu.ber t ok have started with to monitor impact. "Their stories simply tells me and my team that we don't need to sleep but work double to see that we impact lives because these are just a few of such women going through trauma but I believe with God on our side, we shall hold on firm and bring the desired impact" GIDICom's Executive Director added.
The women left happy to have had a shoulder to lean on which is @GIDICom through its #Act4peace237 Campaign under the banner of #DefyHateNow and promised to take small significant moves to #DefyHateNow in their various communities.

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