CPDM Scribe Celebrates Mbayu Felix

Jean Kuete and Mbayu Felix

The Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committe, Jean Nkuete has hailed the efforts put in by Minister Mbayu Felix in making Biya's Major National Dialogue successful. In his speech, the CPDM National campaign chair heralded the work of the Technical Committee of the Major National Dialogue headed by Minister Felix Mbayu which birthed the General code on Decentralisation and local Development. Wherein the Northwest and Southwest Regions were granted a special status

Jean Kuete and bigwigs of the CPDM from the North West

The status considers the specificity of these regions and will see the return of the house of chiefs, the putting in place of Regional councils and Elected City mayors

Cross section of the militants

The scribe of the party challenged its followers to win most of the parliamentary seats and councils of the North West on February 9. Henceforth according to Jean Nkuete, these are the catalyst of local development in the region

Jean Nkuete used the campaigns to call on the population to shun separatists activities that has put the Region in ''perpetual bondage'' and the people "losers.''

The CPDM is competing in 34 council areas and 17 parliamentary constituencies in the North West region

By Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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