Food Shortage Eminent in North West Cameroon

Outstanding Farmer Receives Attestation from NW Governor

The North West Region is at the verge of an eventual food crisis that can see the Region start depending on other regions of the country for food supplies. This was raised by several speakers at the Launch of the North West Regional Agric-pastoral show at the Big Mankon School field

Bridges leading to farms have been destroyed, with several Divisions not accessible. This has made the transportation of food stuffs to the market near impossible. The active population, engaged in the cultivation of crops and rearing of animals have all fled the villages leaving their produce at the mercy of God

The Regional Delegate of Agriculture for the North West ,Metoh Mbah Joachim hinted that for several months, farm inputs could not reach four of the seven Divisions of the Region, with the farming population ageing and the several changes in the farming season brought about by climate change, making the practice of agriculture difficult

He however encouraged the farmers to take up the several training opportunities made available by the Regional Delegation of Agriculture and Rural Development to improve on production and the practice of Agriculture for commercialisation

The farmers representative, Tafri Joseph, appealed for a demand driven training at the various training schools in the region and to provide storage facilities at the local level. This he says will increase the value added to farm outputs like transformation before it reaches the market and also helping to preserve perishables

North West Governor, Adolphe Lele L'Afrique challenged the youths to take up agriculture which is already in it's second generation in Cameroon and make their final products competitive in the market

The Governor challenged the population to work in tandem with the Military to avert any food crisis the region might experience if the security atmosphere remains the same

Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional authorities, visited the stands where the farmers were exhibiting the best of their farm produce

By, Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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