Insecurity: "Arrested" for hindering execution of PIB projects in Mezam.

Hon Fusi Wilfred, President of the Mezam Divisional Follow-up Committee for the implementation of PIB 

Members of the committee charged with the follow up of projects executed with funds from the public investment budget in mezam division, has blame insecurity for reasons why realisation might not attain 100% this year.
  In their 3rd quarterly meeting of Thursday October 18th convoked to ascertain the %tage of physico-financial execution, it was disclosed that of the 82 projects awarded the division for the 2018 physical year, only 33 had been completely executed, 27 engaged and 22 not touched at all, putting physical realisation at just 26.29% with financial engagement at a minimal 3.45%.
    Some project owners as well as contractors with bids below cfa5 million have not been able to materialized them while most of the road projects in the various municipalities as far back as 2017, haven't been completed.
     The chairman of the follow up  committee, who doubles as MP for the bafut- Tubah constituency honourable Fusi Na'amukong equally blamed the absence of funds and lack of commitment and collaboration on the part of stakeholders involved in the execution chain of these projects that are meant to directly benefit the inhabitants of the various communities in the division.

He enjoined the stakeholders to speed up with both the award and execution process so as be able to attain at least 50% realisation before the year runs out while calling on the NW treasury to facilitate this by clearing the bills owed contractors to enable them start off with other contracts at their disposal.
   A deadline of 31st October was given to ensure that all pending projects are awarded while the 2nd of November was given for all studies regarding road projects for 2018 to be completed.
    With just 2months to the end of 2018, the chairman in responding to the press express doubts if the 50% realization rate he hopes for shall be attain.
   He frowned at those who neglects the development of their municipalities by boycotting the follow up meetings intended to keep them abreast with the trend of events, and resolved with other committee members to forward strong worded letters to the concerned which failing to respect will attract punitive decisions from the appropriate authorities.

 By: Martial Gnoukapasir .

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