HYSACAM Stranded As Anglophone Crisis Worsens

Broken culvert leading to the dump site
The waste disposal management company, HYSACAM, has been grounded for 15 days with no way to carry on with waste disposal in Bamenda.

The main bridge leading to the dump site in Mbelewa- Mile Four Nkwen in Bamenda 3 subdivision was broken by unidentified gun men, trying to restrict the movement of cars into certain parts of Bafut thus rendering the dump site inaccessible to trucks of the company.

Nowadays, dirt is virtually littered around the city of Bamenda especially at road junctions and markets. The stench emanating from such waste materials is unbearable. At the Bamenda Food Market, portions of the road have been covered by stockpiled dirt.

HYSACAM's Communication Officer, Funwi Jude says their man power and machinery is ready to keep Bamenda clean but they cannot access the dump site. Looking disappointed, he said, The bridge leading to the site was destroyed and our trucks are parked at  the centre with garbage in them. We have contacted the city council, the S.D.O and the  Governor but the situation remains the same."

Uncleared Garbage 

HYSACAM and the Bamenda City Council are currently looking for a temporal dumping site as activities in Bamenda have resumed to full gear.

Before this unfortunate incidence, the company could not function at its optimum because of the current governor imposed dusk to dawn curfew within the region. The company loses at least four hours that could be used effectively for cleaning at night especially crowded areas like markets.

The breaking down of bridges amd cutting off of started in Akum, Santa subdivision on the night of September 8th. To maimtain serenity, the North West Governor, Adolf Lele L;Afrique  instituted a dusk to dawn curfew. However, the curfew has not in any way deterred separatists fighters from destroying more bridges in Ngoketunjia Division, obstructing traffic to and from Kumbo. Other roads are blocked with the use of trees.

For Bamenda to be clean again, the bridge leading to the dump site must be reconstructed in the days ahead as fast as possible.

by Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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