CPDM Conquers Fear, Launches Campaigns in Bamenda

Yang Philemon officially launches Campaigns for the CPDM

The ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement, the CPDM have braved the odds to launch their Presidential campaigns in the North West Region this Saturday, 22nd September 2018 under the slogan; “Force of Experience”

The Head of the CPDM Regional Campaign team, Philemon Yang called on party sympathizers not to gamble with their future by voting for novices who do not have a tested leadership, “7th October, will be a Day of Days” he said

Mr Yang enumerated the achievements of Candidate Paul Biya since his ascension to the supreme magistracy, from roads to schools, and hospitals with the University teaching Hosipal under construction and the reputable image his had built abroad. He highlighted the fact that Government is now focused on industrialization reasons why his last mandate was characterized by development in the Electricity and energy sector in the country. The North West will benefit from this project with the imminent construction of a hydro-electric plant at the Menchum falls which will supply 75 Kilowatts of Electricity

 Militants and sympathizers courageously moved to the Bamenda Congress Hall to listen and support the vision of Candidate Paul Biya despite threats from secessionist who want a total blackout of Presidential Elections in Anglophone Cameroon

CPDM, Mr Yang highlighted stands for peace and patriotism and strongly condemns Ghost towns, threats and killings that have become a new normal in the North West Region

Party militants were challenged to be convincing through their actions and messages as they convey the message of the incumbent for the next two weeks

The campaign heads of the various divisions were installed and challenged to do a door-to-door, village to village campaign.  Waingeh Ndim Albert will lead campaigns in Boyo, Fai Yengo Francis in Bui, Shey Jones Yembe in Donga Mantung, Mbayo Felix in Mezam, Mbah Acha in Momo and Uphie Melo Chinje in Ngoketunjia

Divisional Campaign Heads Installed

The Head of the Mezam Divisional Delegation of the CPDM, Paul Atanga reiterated that a vote for Paul Biya is a vote to consolidate National Unity and stability; “Cameroonians should not take the risk of entrusting their destinies to people who have no experience”

Experience, the party holds is key to resolving the various challenges the nation is facing today.

Paul Atanga Nji with  peace plant

 Boko Haram in the North and the Anglophone crisis are among the challenges that those seeking the country’s top job will have to tackle if Elected President

The incumbent, Paul Biya is seeking another 7 Year Mandate, after piloting the affairs of the Republic of Cameroon for 36 years

As the Divisional campaign teams begin their work to woo potential voters, Mr Yang has warned against the use of provocative language especially when faced by militants of the other 8 political parties in competition

CPDM Elites have raised a Total of 185 Million Francs to fund the campaigns in the North West Region

By Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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