Buea Council SEALS Closed Shops

The Mayor of the Buea Rural Coucil, Patrick Ekema has sealed shops in his municipality that has decided to obey instructions from separatist fighters to observe Mondays as Ghost Towns.

Ghost Towns were instituted in Anglophone Cameroon in January 2017 as a measure to call government to look into the plights of English Speaking Cameroonians and soon became a new religion.

Ghost towns have been observed from January 2017 till date, sometimes going on for a week.

A fortnight ago, Mayor Ekema promised traders that the respect of ghost towns will not be tolerated in his municipality. As early as 9 am, Monday July 23rd 2018, shops were sealed in Clerks quarters before moving to the Buea Town Market.

Flanked by security officers, some traders watched helplessly as their shops were being sealed.

Traders are caught in a fix between Administrative and Municipal Authorities on the one hand and Separatist fighters on the other. A non respect of ghost towns can fetch fire on the business premises of the concern meanwhile observing it brings forth sanctions from institutionalizes authorities. In February 2017, parts of the Food Market in Bamenda was reduced to ashes because some traders disrespected Ghost towns.

The Ghost Operations have greatly affected the revenues of councils since most businesses are tax on profits.

The procedure on how the shops will be reopen has not been made public. The mayor has also warned council workers who shy away from work on Mondays with contract termination

Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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