Attack on Schools; GTTC Ndop Set On Fire

The Government Bilingual Teachers Training College Ndop, Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region, got a taste of the rampant attacks on schools in Anglophone Cameroon in the early Hours of Saturday 21st July 2018

No group has taken responsibility for the attacks but inhabitants of Ndop greatly believe that forces loyal to the Ambazonia Independence struggle are at the centre of the burning. 

The Pro Independence fighters have largely stood against school attendance in Anglophone Cameroon since November of 2016

Those who reside around the training college confirmed the fire broke out at about 1.00am on Saturday consuming a greater majority of the school’s building before it was put off to avoiding spreading to neighbouring buildings.

Similarly, In Bali, Mezam Division of the North West Region, the Office of the Divisional Officer was also consumed by fire in the night breaking July 22.

The reason for this current attack is not clear but comes about five months since the abduction of the DO of Batibo.

Pro Ambazonia fighters have been targeting Administrators in their Independence struggle

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