National Assembly, SDF Blocks PM Yang

The Social Democratic Front SDF has live true to its threats to force the Anglophone Crisis onto the agenda of the national Assembly by hook or by crook. SDF deputies once again broke into parliament today, asking their peers of the presidential majority to table the crisis for discussion which they consider paramount to any other item on the agenda
Hon. Joseph Banadzem, SDF parliamentary group leader took to the rostrum, snatched the microphone from the Prime Minister who was about to present the 2018 draft budget.  Immediately some members of government like Gregoire  Owona and the PM’s security came to his defense blocking SDF MPs who were determined to interrupt his presentation.

The PM continued his presentation albeit drowned in the chanting by SDF MPS.  They were singing the 2008 hunger revolt popular song “le pays va mal” roughly translated “The country is on bad footing”  The PM  took over 50 minutes to present the state budget, virtually unheard by the confused CPDM MPs and a watching diplomatic corps. But a huge applause was reserved for the PM by the CPDM MPs at the end.
While all this was happening, security officials ordered all journalists and cameramen to stop filming or recording the confrontation. Those who tried to resist the orders had their phones seized and others forcibly sent out of the reporting both.
The Social Democratic Front after boycotting the opening of this session voved to block preceeding if the Anglophone Crisis is included in the agenda. The CPDM with its crushing majority in the house is unwilling to bring the crisis in plenary and is accusing the SDF of not following due procedure to include an item in the agenda of the house.
SDF Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi also arrived YaoundĂ© today, it’s still not clear what role he is expected to play in the ongoing saga at the National Assembly

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