The long lines of traffic have returned to Bamenda, announcing the start of the new academic year.

As early as six am this 5th September 2016, students in school uniforms queued up on sidewalks around town, struggling to board a taxi in time for school.
By 6:45 am, traffic jams could be sighted at almost every major junction leading to a school; hooting here and there, as taxi drivers and private car owners fought for space.
At school campuses, the ambiance was even more interesting: files of students lined up to undergo checks before gaining access into the campus.
Such checks seem to be necessary for security and disciplinary reasons: in some schools, those without names on uniforms were identified and warned meanwhile those with overgrown hair had portions of it unevenly trimmed with a pair of scissors.
As for late comers in certain schools…the gate was shut on them; a painful reminder that they must be on time for school.
In G.B.H.S Down Town Bamenda, North West Governor, Regional Delegate of Secondary Education, Mezam S.D.O and stake holders of the Secondary Education in the region were present to evaluate the start of the academic year. 
The governor and his entourage entered some classes were they checked the books of students

In all, the 2016/2017 academic year kicked off hitch free and the first term is expected to be the longest( 3 months).
Nji Nelson Chefor

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