Arm Robbers Meet Their Waterloo In Douala 5

Elements of the national Gendarmerie from the Douala 2 brigade have intercepted and arrested five men of the underworld suspected to be one of the gangs instilling fear through underground operations in the city. The group was dismantled last Saturday 27 August 2016 thanks to a mission led by the commanding officer and some elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR. Reports indicated that the notorious gang was uncovered at a club at the Akwa neighbourhood feasting after one their fruitful missions.
Accordingly, their location was disclosed to the forces of law and order by a young girl believed to be one of the many victims to these wrongdoers. The girl immediately alerted the gendarmerie unit after discovering a clandestine transport car used by the five for their operations.With this information at hand, elements of the Mobile intervention unit (GMI) in Douala 2 were immediately deployed leading to the subsequent arrest of the suspects. The members of the gang are presently behind bars at the Littoral Judicial Police Unit.

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