Bamenda City Council finally clears Garbage on Road Junctions

Garbage that had been lying on the road for several months, were  finally cleared  last Saturday, the 28th of August 2016 by workers of the Bamenda City Council.

Inhabitants of Bamenda had been complaining that the once most clean town in Cameroon, was a shadow of itself especially as thrash cans, used in the collection of garbage, were long removed by officials of the City council. This was a move to deter people from throwing their household waste on road junctions which apparently is not working. During the last council session, a deliberation was adopted to increase the amount from 15000 Frs to 25000 FRS to be paid as fines if anyone is caught, throwing garbage on the road.

At the Ade Metal neighbourhood, the population who came to dump their refuse, called on the workers to be consistent in the collection of refuse if they actually want the area to be dirt free.Other areas like the food market and main market, were also cleared.
The Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, had hinted that the trucks that were used are too old and suffers from frequent breakdowns meanwhile, the drivers of such vehicles constantly steal fuel and other mechanical parts thus hampering the activity.
Residence of the Ngomgham quarter had previously gone on strike twice, because of uncleared garbage.

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