National Day in Bafut: DO salutes turnout, calls on population to continue collaboration for peace

Forku Andelys, Divisional officer for Bafut

The celebration of Cameroon’s National Day, May 20th, 2024 in Bafut has been described by the Divisional Officer of Bafut Sub division, Forku Djokem Andelys as one of the best National Days he has presided over since he took over the leadership of the subdivision.

The D.O. said the massive turnout at the ceremonial grandstand has left an indelible mark in his heart. “We witnessed the massive participation of traditional rulers, religious authorities, and the population. This is a sign that peace is gradually returning to Bafut Subdivision and that the population has understood the need for peace whose benefit is immeasurable. I am calling on those who are still dragging their feet to join us in celebrating such a great day which symbolizes our unity to come on broad”, stated Mr. Forku Djokem Andelys.

The Divisional Officer appreciated the effort put in by the defense and security forces in Bafut to be in the sub-division. “The forces of law and order are doing a great job in Bafut as the collaboration between the population has increased. I am using this event to call on the rest of the population that peace is the only way out of this crisis and this can be achieved through total collaboration”, the D.O. added.

The match past saw the participation of the civilian population as well as the police and gendarmes in Bafut.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence leading the CPDM March past

The massive participation of the militants of the ruling CPDM led by the section President, Ngwakongoh Lawrence, who says, Bafut people have decided to move ahead as the CPDM has brought inclusive development to the municipality.

“The massive turnout of militants of the CPDM party Mezam IV Bafut is a clear indication of the good works of the party in Bafut within the past years. Since we took over the leadership of the Council from the SDF party, the number of turnouts has been increasing as years goes by. CPDM has brought development in Bafut and we will continue to fight for more”, said the section, President.

Celebrated under the theme, Army and Nation, together for a United, Peaceful and Prosperous Cameroon, the Commissioner of Economic Development at the North West Regional Assembly, Ghejung Awunti, who was the guest of honour during the celebration in Bafut said, the organizing team in Bafut did a great job. “I want to thank the team of Bafut who put all they had into having a vibrant celebration this year. We have moved from strength to strength, Bafut is moving ahead. Peace is slowly returning to Bafut and we will work with the population for total peace. The people of Bafut are ready to turn the page and we are behind them”, said Honorable Ghejung Awunti.

The event was graced with dance groups.

A total of three persons where Knighted consisting of the Director of the airport base in Bafut, a school principal and the sub-divisional delegate of sports.

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