Workers of illegal brewery Company arrested in Bamendakwe

Used bottles to be washed and re-used

Elements of the National Gendarmerie have arrested workers of a local wine fabrication company, Mica wine.

The workers were arrested below the gas plant at Bangshie in Bamendakwe.

Caught on the scene washing used bottles of other wine brands, the security forces and the population of Bamenda I, led by its Mayor, Mbigha Felix were taken aback.

"I could not believe my eyes when I came in here. If someone told me this was produced in Bamenda I, I would not have accepted. Look at the environmental conditions under which this is prepared. Is this not poison?"

I wish to thank the population of Bamenda I for bringing this information to our notice. I wish to call on them to continue collaborating with the council and with the security forces to ensure that we weed off such malpractices from the community." Mayor Mbigha told the Observer.

Lt Col Alobwede Muabe Peter

According to Lieutenant Colonel Alobwede Muabe Peter, Commander of the Gendarmerie Territorial regiment, Mezam, they received a tipoff from the community and immediately swung to action, to bring perpetrators of the crime to book.

"When we received the tipoff, we took measures to arrive at the scene unnoticed. When we arrived, we saw some workers inside and we were able to discover a good number of ingredients which were in the process of making the fake wine and other dangerous products."

"We immediately informed the hierarchy and proceeded with all the necessary measures that we are supposed to take." Lt Col Alobwede told the Observer.

On the site were bags of unwashed bottles, banana undergoing fermentation, the reddish substance in big containers locally known as foleri.

The vicinity leaves much to be desired and the production is done in a locally made house out of wood.

Information which The Observer gathered hinges on the fact that the owner of the company, has another production unit in Nkwen in the Bamenda III subdivision.

The workers of the company will provide further details to the security officers as instructed by the state counsel for Mezam.

Locally made wine sells in Bamenda in the form of 3-in-1 and it is very cheap.

The population was called upon to mind exactly what they consumed as we live in times where just anyone can do anything for money.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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