Bamendakwe: Sky Limit International Donates To Asa and Julie Memorial Academic Complex

CEO of Sky Limit International rewarding Excellence

In a heartwarming act of philanthropy and commitment to education, Sky Limit International, represented by its CEO Chumban Landry Forche, extended its support to Asa and Julie Memorial Academic Complex (AJMAC) by donating didactic materials, sports kits, and a bore hole for water supply. The donation aims to enhance the learning experience and overall development of the students and pupils at this esteemed institution.

During a special ceremony held at AJMAC, Chumban Landry Forche expressed his gratitude to the school for accepting the donation. He emphasized the belief of Sky Limit International in the power of education to transform lives and shape a brighter future. The CEO highlighted the importance of providing necessary tools and resources to foster quality education and promote competitive learning among the students.

Pupils and students attend to Sky Limit International 

The didactic materials are designed to supplement the existing curriculum and empower both teachers and students in their educational journey. These resources are expected to ignite a passion for learning, encourage critical thinking, and open doors to new opportunities. The organization hopes that the materials will inspire the students to embrace education fully and strive for excellence in their studies.

In addition to the didactic materials, Sky Limit International also provided sports kits to promote physical fitness and extracurricular engagement. Recognizing the vital role sports play in the holistic development of a child, the organization aims to nurture qualities such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance among the students. It is hoped that these sports kits will encourage active participation in sports activities, skills development, and the cultivation of a spirit of healthy competition.

Furthermore, the donation included a bore hole to address the water supply challenges faced by AJMAC. Access to clean and adequate water is essential for the well-being of the students and the smooth operation of the institution. Sky Limit International recognizes this need and strives to provide a sustainable solution to ensure the availability of water at the school.

Chumban Landry Forche expressed the organization's commitment to making a lasting impact on education. Sky Limit International aims to establish long-term partnerships with educational institutions like AJMAC to support their goals of providing quality education to the leaders of tomorrow.

Encouraging the students and pupils to make the most of the resources provided, Forche urged them to embrace the didactic materials and sports kits with enthusiasm. He encouraged them to expand their knowledge, explore new subjects, and discover their passions. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of active participation in sports activities, challenging themselves, and learning the values of teamwork and resilience.

''I have been a part of the teaching staff of AJMAC and I am aware of the difficulties some of these children face on a daily basis. Some come to school without pens, pencils, rulers and even school bags. So I thought it wise to extend the aim of Sky Limit International  to AJMAC which is aimed at encouraging quality education and supporting the under privileged and downtrodden with vital needs'' Forche told the observer

Forche extended his deepest gratitude to the faculty members and staff of AJMAC for their dedication and commitment to nurturing the next generation. He acknowledged their tireless efforts in imparting knowledge, shaping character, and guiding the students. The CEO expressed hope that the additional resources would further support their noble mission. 

On the occasion of the donation of the materials to the students, some outstanding students were decorated with medals of excellence and some teachers also rewarded for being exceptional in the discharge of their duties.

Forsuh Gregory, Principal of AJMAC expressing thanks

The principal of AJMAC, Forsuh Gregory used the occasion to express his joy of the support made, ''When you look at the campus you see that water issue here is an acute problem which is very serious. we are just managing somewhere around the Presbyterian church and at times we are forced to move right down the valley to pump water upto the school. We have a small pit here but the water from it is not portable. So the water brought to our institution is really going to go a long way to serve us." Forsuh Gregory told the Observer

Chumban Landry Forche expressed his sincere appreciation to Asa and Julie Memorial Academic Complex for partnering with Sky Limit International and accepting the donation. He emphasized the importance of collaboration, innovation, and excellence in creating a brighter future for the students. Forche hoped that the donation would serve as a catalyst for positive change and inspire others to join in the mission of empowering through education.

Sky Limit International's contribution to the education and growth of the young minds at AJMAC signifies the organization's commitment to making a lasting impact. The hope is that this act of philanthropy will inspire others to contribute to the education sector and support the development of Cameroon's youth.


Munya Charles Babila

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