Bamenda II: Mayor Chenwi Peter presents four year balance sheet, 2024 projections

Bamenda II Mayor, Chenwi Peter

The Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter has presented the projects realsied under his tenure for the last four years.

The Mayor was speaking in a press conference organised in Bamenda on Tuesday 2nd April 2024.

Elected into office in March 2020, the Mayor has carried out significant projects in the economic, social, Humanitarian and political field.

Setting up of the pioneer Equipment Pool

Under the tenure of Mayor Chenwi Peter, the Bamenda II council is setting up their pioneer Equipment Pool. The council has been able to acquire a front end loader and a dump truck. According to the municipal boss of Bamenda II, a grader is on the way and will arrive Bamenda in two months.

This will significantly lead to the opening of roads within the Municipality that is in a dire state due to the pro longed armed conflict in the North West region. This has greatly affected the maintenance of road infrastructure.

Infrastructural Development

The construction of community halls, the construction of box culverts and bridges have been part of the Mayor's projects.

The construction of a bridge in Mulang and Akaka Junction, provision of at least six boreholes in water-crisis-hit areas in the Municipality like Ntamulung, Ntambag were greatly saluted by the population.

The council also undertook the construction of the Mulang community hall, the Makon vocational training center, and the extension of the civil status center at Mbingfibieh.
The council has also renovated G.S. Ntambag (Old Town) and constructed modern toilets at Mankon Fons Palace with the provision of benches for learners.

The Bamenda II social housing project is ongoing. The project that is being executed at Ntambag quarters will see some low cost houses constructed using locally made materials and with high intensive labour. This has created a lot of jobs to the youthful population of the Municipality.

Promotion of Education

Taking over a council in the heart of the socio-political unrest in the North West Region, characterised by a call for school boycott and numerous abduction of school children, teachers and other educational stakeholders, he decided to take the bull by the horn by donating to several school going children.

First the Bamenda Epic Event centre, and later to his council area, he has donated at every back-to-school as a way of promoting education in the Municipality.

In many of his outings, Mayor Chenwi Peter remarked that;" Education is our only industry in the North West. We must protect it. These children are the future of this Municipality and this country. We must ensure that they have a bright future by sending them to school." Mayor Chenwi Peter.

In his quest for quality education has also championed the construction and rehabilitation of schools in the Municipality. He has renovated the Nursery school in Mbayu, Built Two classrooms in Mbatu, renovate classrooms at the GPS and GBPS old town, provided benches and chairs.

He unconditional love for persons with disabilities has seen him conferred the title of "Jesus Christ II."

Promotion of Health

Mayor Chenwi Peter has shown a commitment in promoting the health sector in Bamenda II. He has donated medical supplies and equipment to health centers, including Ntambag Health Centre, Azire integrated Health Centre, Alabukam Health Centre, and Alamandom Health Centre.

The mayor has also facilitated the rehabilitation of the Bamenda II Health District and Nchualam Health District Offices.

Recognitions, Awards, and Distinctions

The selfless manner in which Mayor Chenwi Peter has handled the affairs of the Bamenda II Council has been saluted across the board with many institutions recognizing his good works.

The Watch dong Tribune Newspaper Award for Nation Builders (Gold Category) and the 2020 Innovative Local Development Icon Award was handed to him.

- He has been recognized as the "Most Outstanding Mayor in Performance 2020/2021" and has received the 2022 Humanitarian Icon Award.
- The mayor has also been acknowledged for his active participation in development and sustainable development initiatives.

The efforts of Mayor Chenwi Peter was also recognized by the Office of the Public Independent Conciliator as one of the best managed councils in the region. Also, the PIC indicted the council as one of the most corrupt.

Quizzed about this, the Mayor acknowledged the remarks of the PIC and noted that the council operates several departments and the shortcoming of one should not lead to the indictment of the entire council.

"The indictment of the civil status department should not lead to the entire council drowning. However we have taken the remarks of the PIC seriously and adjustments will be made in this regard."

Projections for 2024

Construction of a Bridge linking Matsom and Alachu, at a cost of 23.000,000
* Acquisition of a Grader, at a cost of 100.000.000 FCFA.
*Supply of Medical Equipment to Azire and Ntambag Integrated Health Centres, at a cost of 20.000.000 FCFA.
* Construction of a Block of Two Wards and One Nurse Office at Azire
Integrated Health Centre, at a cost of 30.000.000 FCFA.
* Construction of a Culvert at Atua-Azire and Nkura (Njanga HIIl), at a cost of
9.181.000 FCFA,
* Construction of a Bridge linking Ntamulung and Cow Street, at a cost of 32.000,000 FCFA
* Purchase of Equipment of the Literacy component at G.S. Ngomgham, at a cost of 12.000,000 FCFA;
* Rehabilitation of a Block of Two Classrooms In Government Practicing School (GPS) Ntambag, at a cost of 10.000.000 FCFA;
* Rehabilitation of a Block of Two Classrooms at GS Ntambag, at a cost of 10.000.000 FCFA


Munya Charles Babila and Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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