North West Female Senators succour victims of 11th February blast, Bamenda Main Market inferno

Femals Senators of the North West and the Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital after visiting victims of the Bomb blast

Female Senators of the North West Region have visited the five victims with severe cases after the February 11th artisanal bomb blast in Nkambe.

Led by Senator Mrs Regina Mundi and accompanied by Senators Emma Lafon, Fointama Hilda and Prof Mrs Nebah Ndosiri Ndoye, the senators started off by trying to know the severity of the cases.

A total of five victims ranging between the ages of 12 years and 20 years sustained severe wounds after the blast and were ferried to the Bamenda Regional Hospital through a helicopter.

At the wards

Of the five, three have had both limbs amputated. One other amputated on the right limb and she lost her pregnancy and the fifth had her face almost shattered. All five of them have undergone a successful surgery and are responding to treatment according to Dr Nsame Denis, Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital.

Dr Nsame Denis assuring the Senators that the victims are out of danger

Senator Mrs Regina Mundi and her colleagues visited the children, prayed with them and handed to each survivor a support package.

"You will get back to doing your normal activities like any other normal person and you all shall return back to school and shall go higher heights as you have always had in mind." A message of comfort, directed to the victims.

Speaking shortly after to the press, the senators saluted the professionalism of the medical team that catered for these severe cases, recounting that "we did not believe such level of surgery could be conducted at the Bamenda Regional Hospital."

The visit of the four female North West senators comes after a Communique was published by all CPDM Senators of the North West on February 23, condemning the attack on innocent children. 

The senators in the course of the week, paid a courtesy visit to the office of the Prime Minister to explain the recent happenings in the North West, calling for an end to hostilities in the region.

The detonation of the IED in Nkambe has received world wide condemnation, the latest being from Pope Francis.

Victims of the inferno at the Bamenda main recounting ordeal 

From the Bamenda Regional Hospital, the senators made a stopover at the Bamenda main market.

The traders made a plea, "These shops are our only source of livelihood and our wish is for the authorities to see into it that it is reconstructed fast enough and that the current rents should be dropped. Some of us just paid rents amounting to 900,000 Francs." A trader spoke to the senators.

In response, they assured them that their worries will be given due attention and transmitted to the right quarters.

North West female Senators are part of those currently contributing for the civic Emergency assistance fund launched a week ago and at press time, a little over 56 million francs had been contributed.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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