Why parents Must Avail their Children for the upcoming Polio Vaccination Campaign

Poliomyelitis is a contagious disease and one of the main causes of paralysis in children. It is transmitted by drinking contaminated water or after eating food contaminated by the virus.
The best way to prevent contamination is only through routine vaccination.
Without vaccination, parents run the risk of even loosing their children to the virus, reason why government via the ministry of Public Health has announced the first round of the Oral Polio vaccination campaign for children age 0-5 years, beginning Friday September 22nd.
The campaign to run till September 24th this year, has an objective to strengthen the collective immunity of children within the above-mentioned targeted age group, against the type 2 poliovirus - a new variant discovered in the country this year.
From the 22nd to the 24th of this month, trained health personnel will move from one house to the other in some six regions of the country, the North West inclusive, to administer the Oral Polio vaccine to children for free.
The campaign teams will move from door-to-door, places of worship, markets and other places of convergence for this activity.
Parents are called upon to do everything possible to ensure that their children do not miss out on this first round of the vaccination campaign.
Routine immunization is effective, safe and protects the child.

Away from ensuring that children gets vaccinated during campaigns and through routine immunization, parents must ensure that children respect basic hygiene and sanitation measures such as; washing of hands with clean running water and soap before meals and after visiting the toilet. Avoid bathing in contaminated water, wash fruits and vegetables with clean water before consumption, boil non portable water before drinking to name but these.

The first round of the Oral Polio vaccination campaign will also be taking place in all the health districts of the North West region.

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