Equato-Guinea Telecomms company, GETESA seeks cooperation with CAMTEL

The GM of CAMTEL with DG of GETESA

A delegation from Equatorial Guinea state telecommunications firm, GETESA was in Cameroon on September 19, 2023 for a working visit with Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL.

Led by the Director General of GETESA, Carlos Esono Miko, the delegation from GETESA kicked off their visit with a working session at the CAMTEL headquarters.

During the working session, the delegation from GETESA was taken through the efforts and investments made by CAMTEL to become a telecommunications reference in the sub region. 

The visit also provided a platform for GETESA and CAMTEL to discuss avenues of cooperation and collaboration.

“We are here to share experiences and the experience of CAMTEL will help us a lot. After our meeting with CAMTEL, my expectations are very high and I think in the future we are going to share so many things in common,” the Director General of GETESA, Carlos Esono Miko said.

CAMTEL thus walked its guest through the creation, evolution and achievements of the company over the years.

“The government of Cameroon has invested a lot in telecommunications infrastructure. We have five sub marine cables that connect Cameroon to the entire world. So we have the possibility of going from one cable to another whenever we have a problem or difficulty on a cable which is not the case with other countries in the sub region. Thus, this is to show that we are doing a lot to make sure that we utilise the equipment that the government has put at our disposal and we make sure that it is possible and a reality that CAMTEL and Cameroon is an international hub for sub Saharan countries,” Judith Yah Sunday epse ACHIDI said.

Be it at Camtel’s Network Operations Centre, NOC or the Data Centre in Zamengoe, the GETESA delegation had the opportunity to experience first-hand Cameroon’s huge investments in the telecommunications sector. 

Before leaving Cameroon, GETESA had an idea on avenues of cooperation and collaboration with Camtel, notably in the area of transport.

It should be noted that the state-owned GETESA has been providing telecommunications services in Equatorial Guinea since 1987.
It also supports businesses in the energy sector and their operations extend to all other sectors of the country.

It has extended its 3G and 4G network coverage to all cities of the country and has also increased its broadband coverage.

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