After donating in Ngarbuh, Chenwi Caroline donates to widows/orphans in Bamenda

Chenwi Caroline donating in Bamendakwe

The armed conflict in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon that have seen a whopping 2,034,000 people in need as per statics provided by  ACAPS.org, an independent information provider, has turned many women into widows and many children fatherless.

According to human rights watch, about 4,000 people have died in the armed conflict most being men.

As the armed conflict persist into its seven year, the most affected are the widows who cannot access their farmlands while in other areas, crops are left to rot because of road blocks and prolonged lockdowns.

It is for this reason that Madam Chenwi Caroline decided to donate to the Hope of Widows and Orphans Association located in Bamendakwe village.

Donating to these Women and children Friday April 28, 2023, Mrs Chenwi Caroline indicated that there is hope for these women who now bear dual functions acting as fathers and mothers to their kids as she opined that she doesn’t donate  to reciprocate a favour. 

“There is still hope even though their husbands had gone ahead. They should work harder so that their children will be something tomorrow and assit the society. I don’t only help people because they have done something to me. It’s a call from God and I help them because I know they need the help.” 

For the past eight years and counting, Chenwi Caroline has helped widows and orphans in various parts of the country. Recently she paid school fees to over 20 primary school pupils in Ndu Subdivision, accompanied by food items, clothes and other items. In the centre region same gesture was done which to her is a way of helping those who cannot help themselves. 

“I help people who cannot help themselves, I help children, widows. I teach them and empower them so that they can be able to take care of their children and families since their partners are not.”

Items such as bags of rice, cubes of soap, litres of groundnut oil, loin clothes, salt and others were distributed to each person presents. 

Chenwi Caroline is a philanthropist who has taken upon herself to help widows and orphans in Cameroon who are unable to help themselves. The call is as a result of God’s intervention in her life to enable her extend a hand of help to them. She started the initiative some eight years ago and runs a foundation known as Caroline and Stephen Smile  Foundation with its acronym CSSF. Her only source of support is her  husband and siblings. 


Anye Nde Nsoh

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