Vanigansen MoChiggle comments Senatorial Elections Transparency in North West

Vanigansen MoChiggle, SDF list leader

SDF list leader for the North West Region Vanigansen MoChiggle representing Mezam Division in the Senatorial Elections has saluted the electoral process of March 12 Elections attesting his satisfaction towards the process.

Councillors of both SDF and CPDM political parties voted at various Divisional Headquarters in an attempt to bring in new Senators that will represent the region in making better laws. 

In an interview Senator Vanigansen MoChiggle with optimism confirmed the elections carried out in the region and says whatever results produced shall be accepted due to its transparency. 

“This is an election. The organization this time, the stakeholders were all associated in the process so that they perceive the process and that’s why I say it is transparent because of their presence and participation, at the end, definitely and since we have participated we will accept the results. When we are not included in the electoral process it becomes difficult for you to accept the end. The last elections in 2020, we were unable to have documents required for canditure to be signed by officials. Most of them abandoned their office. So far I am good.”

Quizzed on the end product, he says “It is only at the end that we will decide. When you go for a match you wait for the final results”

Councillors days before the election were lodged in hotels for safety. A move which has been commented by the Senator as he proposes the it should be extend to Municipal and Legislative elections. 

MoChiggle and Co are promising to advocate for a greater autonomy for the North West region through the effective devolution of powers and adequate content to the special status.

Vanigansen MoChiggle is running for Mezam, Buh Sule in Menchum, Ajuoh Ngam Honore in Boyo, Kinyang Georges Nyang in Bui, Amboufei Diana Engenembe in Momo, Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugab in Donga Mantung and Mafogho Inusa Petiangma in Ngoketunjia.

The SDF has 31 councillors in the North West out of the over 1075 councillors in the region. They currently has zero of the 90 Regional councillors of the North West.

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