Senator-Elect, Hon Enwe Francis receives Heroic Welcome in Bamenda

Hon Enwe Francis welcomed in Bamenda 

Senator-elect Honourable Enwe Francis has been greeted to a heroic welcome in Bamenda after he was pronounced senator by the Constitutional council, Thursday March 23, 2023.

Sons and daughters of Momo extraction gathered opposite the Bamenda Ayaba Hotel and sang songs of praise to God for giving the erstwhile Member of the National Assembly an opportunity to represent the region in the Senate.

In surprise, Hon Enwe Francis greeted the multitude who came to congratulate him with a smile and a thank you.

Before recording a 100% victory of the votes cast last March 12 in Momo, Honourable Enwe Francis was greeted by the councillors of Momo who described him as the man for the people, easily accessible and down to earth.

The man who spent 13 years in Cameroon's lower house of Assembly stages what many have described as a spectacular comeback this time in the upper House of the assembly.

Constitutional council President, Clement Atangana proclaimed Enwe Francis, Senator 

Of the seven Senators declared victorious today, just Hon Enwe Francis and Senator Emma Lafon have had a full taste of Cameroon's Parliamentary democracy.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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