“Reconstruction Plan is Building Back Better” – Andrew Nkea, Archbishop Of Bamenda and Member of the PPRD Steering Committee

His Grace Andrew Nkea, Archbishop of Bamenda 

The metropolitan archbishop of the Bamenda archdiocese, His Lordship Andrew Nkea, says the catholic church like other religious denominations have benefited a lot from the presidential plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions. 
This was during the visit of the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions to the St Joseph School Manjong Bamenda.

One of the sectors that has suffered a lot from the consequences of the anglophone crisis is education. Schools were among the main targets of the separatist fighters, and as a result many were destroyed in the process.

Responding to the situation, the steering committee of the presidential reconstruction plan had as one of its focus, the construction and rehabilitation of destroyed  schools in the regions.
It Is on this platform that many schools have already started feeling the impact of the Presidential Plan.

“We have benefitted in a very big way from the renovation of schools, and to ensure that children go back to school in better conditions than before,” Andrew Nkea said.

The archbishop was speaking as the steering committee members visited reconstruction projects in the North West region on Wednesday 29 March  2023. 

A typical example was the St. Joseph nursery and primary school old town Bamenda where the reconstruction is over 

“The reconstruction respected the principle of build back better,” Andrew Nkea added.

Andrew Nkea said other denominations have equally benefitted from the presidential reconstruction plan in many ways.

Some of the reconstruction projects visited were  the Islamic primary school old town Bamenda, Sacred Heart primary school Mankon, Santa women empowerment center, CBC school Nkwen Bamenda, just to name but these.

“The plan is working, those still sceptical should understand,” His Lordship added.

The archbishop seized the occasion to invite all and sundry to put hands together to ensure that “we get back our society in a better way than it was before “.

Andrew Nkea it should be noted is member of the steering committee of the presidential reconstruction plan.

The Steering Committee President Minister Balungeli Confiance Ebune  toured other major constructed in the North West region. Minister Balungeli Confiance during an evaluation meeting in Bamenda called on the youth “to continue to join the active forces of the nation for long lasting peace and development to be achieved”.

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