Link along COTCO backbone: CAMTEL Upgrades Kribi-North-Chad Axis

The achievements and perspectives of the Business Unit Transport (BUT) were presented to the press Tuesday March 7, 2023 in Yaounde

The rapid technological evolution of telecommunication networks demands service providers to regularly update their technology, with the aim of remaining competitive in the marketplace. 

Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel) recently navigated to the Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology. The main advantage with the WDM technology is that it increases bandwidth by allowing different data streams to be sent simultaneously over a single optical fiber network.

During an information session in Yaounde on March 7, Camtel officials presented the advantages and achievements from the migration to WDM technology especially within the link along the Chad - Cameroon pipeline. 

With the WDM system, Camtel has been able to increase its bandwidth along the pipeline highway from 10 gigabits to 120 Gigabit. 

This has helped open all available lanes to allow fibre-optic traffic to flow freely which in turn provides high quality of services delivered to the end users.

The Business Unit Transport (BUT) of Camtel, proud of this achievement, says it is committed to do even more in order to offer affordable and top quality services to the public.

While presenting the way forward during the meeting with the press, a scribe from the Business Unit Transport of Camtel, Mr. Nomo Dieudonne, revealed that the company has engaged in marking its presence internationally through the creation of points of presence (PoP).

The Observer 237 gathered that the General Manager of Camtel, Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi has already secured the creation of PoP centres in Europe and the US. 

A point-of-presence (POP) is a point or physical location where two or more networks or communication devices build a connection from one place to the rest of the internet. A POP primarily refers to a location, facility or access point that connects to and helps other devices establish connections to the internet.

Such points would equally be set up in some major towns in Cameroon to boost services in the telecom industry.

The different services earmarked by Camtel are intended to position the company as an important telecom hub in Sub Saharan Africa. That is exactly part of the vision of the General Manager of Camtel who immediately after her appointment introduced change management and customer centricity within the company.

Camtel is now present in all the ten (10) regions of the country and that calls the company to multiply efforts in securing and promoting service delivery.

But some natural disasters and man-made effects often affect fibre-optic transportation and transmission. 

The good news is that with the migration to the WDM technology, it becomes easy and fast to handle such challenges irrespective of its location.

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