We will Fast-track the Production of the National Identity Card- Martin Mbarga Nguele

Specimen of the National Identity Card

The Delegate General for National Security, Police Commissioner, Martin Mbarga Nguele has announced that the production of ID Cards will witness a rapid improvement soon.

The Police Boss was speaking in Yaounde Friday 27th January 2023 as police officers promoted on the 31st of December 2022 received their new epaulettes.

Martin Mbarga Nguele, Delegate General of National Security 

Martin Mbarga Nguele also used the occasion to call on the security officers to be committed in the discharge of their duties nationwide.

He used the ceremony in which he also received New year wishes to announce the renovation of many police stations nationwide.

Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique flanked by General Bouba, the Regional Delegate for National Security to his left and the City Mayor to his right 

In Bamenda, Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique called on the officers to continue dispensing their activities in total tranquility, work with the population to sustain the peace the region currently enjoys.

He called on those promoted to work hard in securing the major towns and roads leading to the Divisions, few weeks to the Senatorial Elections.

          Editor's Comment

The announcement of the police Boss to fast track the production of ID Cards is a welcome relief to many Cameroonians who are frustrated with the entire process. 

Many people move around with ID Card receipts and it takes almost a year for the original ID Card to be delivered.

Paradoxically, you can take less than 10 hours to acquire a passport. 

This latest announcement, The Observer believes will greatly reduce the number of persons who cue up Infront of police stations to either get new ID Cards or extend their receipts.

In other police post in Bamenda, people cue up as early as 5am just to be the first on the line to acquire the precious document.

At every check point as you drive into Bamenda, Capital of the North West Region, like to other major towns of the region, you're asked to present a copy of the ID card before you can continue.

It is also frustrating that owners of the receipt have to troop into Mobile telecommunications offices every three months just to ensure their phone lines are not suspended.

It is expected that the new software will be put into use very soon to put a definite smile on the faces of Cameroonians.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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