PCC Moderator Highlights major achievements in 2022, targets souls, infrastructures going forward

The Rt Rev Fonki Samuel Froba, Moderator of the Presbyterian church in Cameroon

The Moderator of the Presbyterian church in Cameroon, the Rt Rev Fonki Samuel has called on all Cameroonians to let go of the past and follow the deed of Christ who is the prince of peace as the 2023 kickstarts, hoping that it will be an impactful year. 

"we hurt ourselves in 2022 and the years before. So we have realized that we need to leave together and be brothers and sisters, we need to forgive each other. Open arms to show love, to show care, and show kindness to one another. Christ is the brains of peace and he has come into the world for peace. We should give peace a chance".
, he said.
Evaluating the humanitarian domain of the PCC for the year 2022, the Moderator notes that about the needs about 60, 000 Cameroonians were reached even though the impact created didn't meet his expectation due to some challenges faced. 

 We were unable to meet the needs of every Christian or Cameroonian that came to us. Even up till now, I receive messages of one trouble or the other of children sick in the hospital, children dropping out of school seeking support from the church. So in a circumstance like that where we could not meet the needs of people, it was challenging for us "  Rev Fonki noted. 

With the growing challenges,  the church will continue to be a symbol of hope of Camerooniams while creating relevance in their lives through different means. 
" We will continue to be a symbol of hope to our people. we will continue the humanitarian activities and make the Presbyterian church more relevant in the lives of our people and the lives of Cameroonians and we will not only continue to play our humanitarian role but also see how we can be a peace broker to bring normalcy in our two regions in our sermons, actions, humanitarian activities"   Rev Fonki highlighted.

The Faith Project…..
The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon carried out some few projects in Cameroon in 2022 which was a success, one of which was the Faith Project that accommodates vital offices of the church.  According to the Moderator, the success of the faith poject reaffirms that God is at the center of everything. 

"The name alone entails the success of the project. We called it the faith project because we knew Christian of the Presbyterian church in Cameroon we're going through a lot as far as the crisis was concern,  so we could not launch a fund raising for the entire project. So we decided to launch the project and allow it to the faith of the Christians. We can not take the glory it is all God. Through this project, we now know that God is still alive".

Vision for  2023 
 With the projects that have been tabled for 2023 some of which will run till 2025, the Moderated expects the year 2023 to impactful year.  The projects for 2023 stretches to Far North where an eye hospital is expected to be constructed and officially opened in Garoua, the transfrormation of the Synod office in Buea to a health facility, Complete the Presbyterian Secondary school structures in Nfou and Bonamousadi amongst others.

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