SDF National Chairman Lambast Separatist leaders, Says United Cameroon is the way forward

Ni John Fru Ndi speaks to the press in Bamenda

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi has called on those sponsoring terrorism in the North West and South West Regions to desist.

The Chairman was speaking at his Ntarikon residence Wednesday 28th December 2022 as he addressed the press.

He noted that it is an aberration from Amba Boys to transform themselves into villages chiefs, collect food, drinks and money from families before accepting that their corpses be buried.

Fru Ndi cautions them to know the law of karma and that the wrath of the people is the wrath of God.

Cross section of Press men and women

Chairman Fru Ndi said the Amba boys are fighting on three fronts, the Government, the population and themselves. This has brought untold suffering to the local population and the economy of the region.

"I cannot support the issue of war in my own country. I'm joining my voice to others to say they should come out of the bushes let's build a better Cameroon.

"I have travelled to other war thorn areas. I cannot wish this to my own country. I did not fight to bring democracy to Cameroon for us to start killing each other." Fru Ndi highlighted.

The SDF boss also used the Presser to call on the diaspora to stop speaking for the population of the North West and South West since they have no mandate to do so. 

To those apologizing, Fru Ndi says they apologizing after plenty of damages have been done on the ground. "They're apologizing at what cost?" What amends have they done on the families who lost their children, whose hands were maimed because of their orders?

        The Life of the SDF

Ni John Fru Ndi reiterated that he will retire as Party chair in 2023.

On who succeeds him, Fru Ndi says he wants a young, dynamic person to lead the party as his health is beginning to fail him. 

He says his Doctors have said he is okay but he needs sufficient rest and cannot carryon with the tedious activities of the party anymore.

Fru Ndi says he cannot take two weeks to tour Cameroon like he did in 1992 or trek from Benakuma to Furu-Awa in 3 days.

 On who succeeds him, Fru Ndi says party members have been fighting amongst which is Jean Michel Nintcheu. 

On Nintcheu, Fru Ndi says he was sent to re-organise the party in the North but he was rather spotted on a private visit to Europe with Joseph Wirba. The National Chairman also told the Press that Nintcheu gave an illegal 8.2 to Joshua Osih in a meeting whose quorum was not formed. He jokingly asked Hon Nintcheu to read and master the text of the SDF.

He was also quizzed on the situation of party bigwigs who have asked him to resign.

Fru Ndi says he cannot waste time on people who cannot win an election in their constituencies.

"That someone is a Senator for five years and cannot win or even share his council of origin. And you ask me to listen to such a person?"

Fru has asked those calling on him to resign to go back and be popular in their constituencies. That will bring more meaning to the party.

    Wishes for 2023

He has asked everyone to forged ahead in a peaceful environment.

He describes 2023 like a canoe, where to move ahead, you need to push the water backwards.

Fru Ndi says it is time to think and build Cameroon  and there is no society without challenges or difficulties.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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  1. Can he go to Bamenda by road at all seasons of the year and without a horde of military convoys? He should not forget that these people he is talking against are the same people who inhaled teargas and protected him from the Biya uniformed people. When was the last time he walked the streets of Bamenda?