Bamenda City Council to prioritize road maintenance in 2023

Bamenda City Mayor 

The Bamenda City Council will focus on the maintenance of tarred roads in Bamenda in 2023 to make the city more beautiful and ensure the fluidity of traffic.

City Mayor, Paul Achombong was speaking in Bamenda, Tuesday 22nd December 2023 after the city board adopted a budget of 4.8 billion francs CFA.

The budget witnesses an increase of 635.7 million Francs CFA from the budget of 2022.

The City Mayor, speaking to the press highlighted that their main focus in 2022 was to ensure that the urban road network that had become a nightmare was sufficiently dealt with. 

The roads received an additional touch from the Ministry of Public Works that are carrying out some measures to ensure that the dust in the town is a thing of the past. "Wherever they end, we will see what to do to continue." The city Mayor remarked.

The council also opened farm-to-market roads in some rural areas in Mankon like Alamantu and Alakuma. Roads which the Mayor say can be opened across quarters in Bamenda if the right conditions are met.

"If they need the council equipment, they will need to guarantee the security of the personnel, guarantee the protection of the equipment, do a meagre contribution to fuel the trucks. This is not because the council lacks fuel, but it makes the community to own the projects." Mayor Paul Achombong told the Observer.

Other projects to be realised in 2023 include the construction of a modern market at food market, the construction of a VIP Toilet and a water system toilet for the canteen at the Bamenda City Council premises in Mulang.

The council has also received credits from the Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development, the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing and UN Habitat to finance the Sisia resilience project, construction of ring culverts, gutters, boreholes, water point and rehabilitation of a public Green space at commercial avenue.

The council will also construct some sheds to generate income.

Income which Mayors of subdivisional councils say have been lagging behind because of lack of follow up of building permits within the city. 

Mezam SDO, Simon Emile Mooh reminded the three subdivisional council Mayors and the city Mayor that a commission should be created without delay and if not of their of unavailability, the follow-up commission would have been created this December.

The situation of the bridge linking Mile 3 and 4 also came under review. This bridge is a nightmare in the rainy season as water virtually flows on it, making movement to Ngoketunjia, Boyo, Bui and Donga Mantung Divisions a nightmare. Students who attend lectures at the University of Bamenda can also attest that it is a nightmare when it rains.

The city Mayor told the councillors that the studies have been concluded and the technical documents forwarded to the Prime Ministry for sponsorship.

The City councillors also called on the Mayor to look for alternative sources of funding like FEICOM for it will be a disaster should the rains meet that same bridge.

The city council has also budgeted to recruit at least 50 youth in 2023.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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