At 40th anniversary of head of State, H. E Paul Biya in Bafut, CPDM marthyls are recognized

Party leaders with children of martyrs 

The Member of Parliament of Bafut- Tubah constituency, Hon Agho Oliver, the Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongoh Lawrence and other political elites of the subdivision have identified and empowered the children of martyrs of the CPDM Party.

According to information put at the disposal of the Observer, the kids of these parents who lost their lives while serving the party most due to the current sociopolitical unrest in the region, have either dropped out of school or are internally displaced persons. A situation that appeared worrisome to party leaders of  Mezam IV in Bafut.

Hon Agho Oliver 

A total of 15 children were identified and those in the secondary school milieu were handed an envelope of 40,000 francs each, didactic materials and a blanket. For those in the primary, they received 30,000 Frs, didactic materials and a blanket.

According to Hon Agho Oliver, those in examination classes will have their GCE registration paid. 

Mayor of Bafut hands envelope to a beneficiary 

The recognition of those who died while upholding the virtues of the new deal was saluted by the militants of the CPDM in Bafut who through their WCPDM Section President praised Paul Biya for creating numerous schools and health centres.

The representative of the YCPDM Section President encouraged young people to constantly take advantage of programmes put at the disposal of the youth like the triennial youth plan and the presidential plan for the reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions.

Ayele Gordon, Regional Councillor supports the children with didactic materials 

In a build up to the November 6 celebrations, farmers converged on the Bafut council to say thank you to the President of the Republic for supporting them regain their farms after they suffered huge loses as a result of the Anglophone crisis.

Speaking to the militants, the section President who doubles as Mayor of Bafut called on all to unite behind the values of the new deal, preach peace and reconciliation in the community.

"Together, let's work for peace in our community and make Bafut a reference.

"Life begins at 40. When you reach 40, you're mature and it is time we start talking and eating as one. Mayor Ngwakongoh told the party supporters

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence 

The Ruby Jubilee celebrations served as a reconciliatory ground for members of the party after the last re-organization.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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