At Historic Fako II CPDM Joint Section Conference: Hon Findi Rallies Muyuka Population For Peace, National Unity

Hon Findi congratulating militants of the party

The Fako II  Section of the Cameroon People’s  Democratic Movement, CPDM, party covering Muyuka subdivision, Fako, South West region has staged  a historic Joint  Section Conference.

 The conference held Friday October 21 in Muyuka.  It was under the chairmanship of Hon Findi Stanley Mokondo, CPDM Section President Fako II.

The conference took place under the theme: “All unite and gather behind H.E President Paul Biya, the guarantor of Peace, National Unity and Living Together”.

 The Fako II section is made up of 30 sub sections, one hundred and eighty branches and three hundred and sixty Cells. It is spread within all the 18 villages that make up the Muyuka sub division.

 This, Hon Findi stated, confirms the fact that the CPDM is the only political party that is represented in all the corners of the subdivision. The party counts over 7000 supporters here.

Hands generator to facilitate the production of ID Cards

 Present at the conference was the Divisional Officer, DO of Muyuka, The Head of the Fako Permanent Divisional Delegation PDD of the Central Committee, Franklin Ngoni Njie, Senator Mbella Moki Charles, the Mayor of Muyuka, Section Presidents of WCPDM and YCPDM and militants of the CPDM party.

The Mayor of Muyuka, Landjinou Lazare in his opening speech welcomed Hon Findi and his delegation to Muyuka and appreciated them for coming to discuss for the growth of the party.

The YCPDM President who also holds the position of Deputy Mayor at the Muyuka Council, Oscar Akale Mukete, praised the brevity of the militants for their dying love for the party.

“Dear Comrades, despite all the security challenges that we are undergoing here in Muyuka sub division, I want to inform you all that, we the YCC PDM militants of Fako II still hold our republican value and respect for state institutions in high esteem,” Akale stated.

 He furthered that the “reason we always break all the odds to come out massively, to join the rest of the Nation to commemorate National days and Party events in particular. This bravery and action by us has brought a lot of Glory to our municipality which I can’t stand here today to recount them. We all know that, our goal is to win more militants keep them in good footing to give our beloved party an overwhelm victory in future elections”. He urged the powers that be to give Muyuka youths a place in government.

The dynamic Hon Findi Stanley Mokondo in joy and love for the CPDM Party burst into tears as he was overwhelmed with Muyuka bouncing back to life.

 Hon Findi Congratulates Militants

Hon Findi thankEd all who took it upon themselves as Militants of the party to attend the joint section conference. “To the militants of the section, I say congratulations. Your respective resilience and steadfastness in upholding the values of the party during this challenging moment can never be undermined. You have proven beyond all reasonable doubts that our party, the CPDM, under the leadership of H.E President Paul Biya is the only party that can meet up with the needs of the people of Muyuka Sub Division”.

Hon Findi went further to thank the Militants for  massively voting in the 2020 twin polls.  “The resounding victories recorded during the joint municipal and legislative elections and also during the regional assembly elections are testimonies of your works. By so doing I would like to thank all militants of the section for their loyalty and commitment towards the party and for having given us the opportunity to serve our people in our various ranks and positions. Without your collaboration and efforts we would not have gone this far”.

 Decries Negative Impact Of Crisis in NW, SW

In his speech, Hon Findi addressed the socio-political situation rocking the two English-speaking regions of the country. He lamented that disruptions in the social fabric has also affected party supporters.

 “The ongoing socio-political crisis plaguing the two English-regions has had a devastating effect on the activities of the party within our section. Militants have been forced to seek for refuge in safer areas away from Muyuka thus making it almost impossible for the cells, branches and sub sections to function normally,”  the lawmaker stated.

 He also  said, CPDM militants have been “deprived of their rights to education as all the doors of the educational institutions are completely closed for the past years. This has affected the party as mobilization of militants has not been easy as they have moved to other areas in search of a peaceful and better learning environment for themselves and their children. We solicit that lasting solutions be sought to the ongoing crisis to permit school to resume within Muyuka Sub Division”.

We  Need  More

In terms of  political appointments and  youth employment, Hon  Findi decried the: “The absence of our militants in top state positions and the alarming unemployment rate amongst the youths is a call for major concern.

“ The section is made up of militants who, though committed to party activities, remain disgruntled as they are jobless. The speedy realization of projects like the Limbe Deep Sea Ports will have a positive impact in fighting unemployment” Hon Findi continued.

“By these, we are not in any way saying ‘look at us we are in trouble’. Our message is to clearly say ‘we are determined to address the challenges that are at stake, but we can only succeed with a more constant push from the quarters that be’. So, as you can see, we have great challenges, but yet great potentials and great opportunities and with your help, we will meet them and make this year and the years that follow the best in our history,” Hon  intimated.

SDF Militants Decamp To CPDM

During the Joint Section  Conference, some militants of the opposition Social Democratic Fund SDF, SDF Party decamped to  the CPDM party and were all dressed in the ruling party attire.

These militants promised to respect the party’s roles and regulation and promised to be loyal. The PDD of the Central Committee welcomed them by dressing them up with the party’s uniform.


               Other  Gestures

Some resolutions made by militants of the Fako II Section of Muyuka were read out, with demands for Muyuka  to be raised to a division.

 The joint conference was spiced with Hon Findi handing some didactic school materials to students from Muyuka, an ultra-modern generator to the Police in Muyuka to foster the production of National Identification cards, the district hospital in Muyuka benefited from grass cutter machines to help keep the hospital clean.

 Farmers also benefited from water bumps, cutlasses, and modern corn machines. These were donated by Hon Findi Stanley Mokondo.

Dance groups from Manyu, Ndain, Lebialem and the great ‘Ngania’ dance of the Bakweri culture kept the Conference lively.

In an interview with the press, the PDD of the Central Committee Franklin Ngoni Njie said: “If you look at where we are coming from; five, six years of absence, of red zones, coming out of that with the strong conviction that Muyuka has an important contribution to make in the development of our country. For us from the CPDM Party we are proud of the fact that CPDM is one of the entities that is spearheading this emergence out of this darkness into a brighter future of Muyuka subdivision and our country as a hold”.

Ngoni  Njie who is General Manager of the CDC further congratulated  the Fako II Section President,  Hon Findi for rallying  supporters to the conference.

“…I want to express words of congratulations first to the very dynamic section president, Hon Findi Stanley Mokondo for leading his militants to this great achievement. I also want to use this opportunity to implore the militants to continue to support him, rally behind him and work together towards the realisation of the big goal which is ahead,” Ngoni Njie stated.

To the militants, Hon Findi situated that: “ I will wish to draw your attention to the fact that since the Secretary General of the Party instructed that the basic organs of be reorganized, that reorganization exercise has brought team and commitment to the militants of Fako II. It goes without saying that Muyuka subdivision is greatly hit by the crisis but I will assure you that the Fako II Section under the leadership of my humble self has remained state fast and loyal to the teachings and principles of the party. We have always been present and we will continue to be present.”

The meeting In Muyuka, he further noted, was not “ to provoke anybody here. We are just sending a strong message that things are gradually coming back to normal and we were there when it was hot and we will be there when it will be calm. We will be there to ensure that things get better and developments keep coming to Muyuka subdivision. It’s a landmark event and we are very grateful”.

By Eyongeta Eyong

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