Catholic School Small Mankon Graduates Nursey Pupils, Parents applauds Development strides of PTA

Nursery School Pupils Graduating 

Though with the ongoing sociopolitical political crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon development, progress and success remains the watch words for the President of Parents Teachers Association of Catholic school Azire Small Mankon Kebua Charles, as 74 nursery school pupils have been graduated into primary one. 

Its no news gunshots are often heard in town which affects movements and other activities. Hardship has become a normal lifestyle for city dwellers, despite these, teachers, parents and pupils CS Azire Small Mankon one of the oldest primary schools in Bamenda braved the odds to honor education and finally graduated 74 pupils Saturday June 4, 2022 though with numerous challenges.  

“We have faced a lot of challenges beginning with the gunshots as parents struggle to bring their children to school. Secondly parents complain of an increase in school fees which caused slow payments but it is because of the modern classrooms being constructed. Parents do not buy books in time which makes teaching and learning process very difficult for teachers.” Head Mistress CS Azire Small Mankon told the Observer237.com

Kebua Charles, PTA President 

Enjoying just his first year as PTA President renowned MyMedia Prime journalist in Bamenda Kebua Charles for the 2021/2022 academy year placed development of the Catholic institution at top priority, carrying out major projects to better the lives of pupils with more earmarked for the forth coming school year. 

“It is a graduation to say despite the difficulties we are facing in the Anglophone regions, the gunshots in the mornings, afternoons and evenings, the parents have  braved  all to see these children gain education. It has built up the priority of education that is the holistic part which the Catholic education is out to achieve. 

“For this academic year, we managed to drain the school toilet, extended water into the school campus, nursery school now has flushable toilets which we think is a measure to maintain hygiene in the school.  All the classrooms have drinking  and cleaning buckets to be used for work. We have painted all the boards in the classrooms. Construction of modern classrooms is ongoing. We want to make sure that children come here to learn effectively and should come here in the Nursery level and only leave for the University which implies we plan to have the nursery, primary, secondary and high school on this campus.” 

Ongoing construction works 

The efforts of parents is paying off, seeing 74 pupils graduating with excellent results in nursery two. Mrs Chia has two children and congratulates the teachers and PTA for the good work they are doing looking at results, exercises given to children and respecting the holistic part of education in difficulties. 

“From the first day to the last day it has not been easy. The kids, teachers go through all kinds of huddles. But one thing I will say is from all the huddles and misunderstandings, and since this school is a Catholic school, they put God first through prayers. Academically, my children are here and I check their books daily, they are excellent. The lessons and exercises given to the kids are very encouraging.”

After graduating nursery two pupils primary six students will be graduating come Wednesday June 8, 2022 to close the 2021/2022 academic year. 

Anye Nde Nsoh

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