All Ndian Conference: Elite, Population Agree to Embrace Peace, Development

Minister Confiance Ebune Representing PM Dion Ngute

The All Ndian Conference has closed with both the Elite and local population taking a decision to rally behind the Head of State, through a Son of the Soil, the PM; Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, to discuss best ways through which Peace can be achieved in Ndian division.

The host, Mayor Samuel Osang of the Mundemba municipality, welcomed all, highlighting the tourism potentials of Ndian such as the Korop National Park, the maritime area of the division, PAMOL and much more.

The Coordinator of the Conference, Chief Fritgerald Nasako stressed on the fact that the conference is far from partisan. Whatever is not right, should be fixed by everyone in Ndian. Everyone has the duty to support the PM who has been holding consultations with the population of the NW/SW to seek a lasting solution to the crisis.

On Friday 22 April 2022, all roads led to Mundemba, seat of the oil rich Ndian division of the South West region of Cameroon, with an agenda dubbed: The All Ndian Conference. The conference from every indication is coming against the backdrop of the ongoing socio-political crisis in the two Englishspeaking regions of Cameroon.

While  the  crisis  is    raising  its ugly  head,  sons  and  daughters  of  the division  have  been  speaking  from  a  distance  whose  impact  has  nothing  to  ride home  as  more  atrocities  are  being  committed  by  the  perpetrators. 

Chiefs and the Population of Ndian Answered Present 

The  bold  and decisive  step  to  rally  all  living  forces  of Ndian  origin  to  converge  on  Mundemba this  time  around,  is  a  laudable  initiative and  the  initiators  must  be  saluted.  The conference  is  expected  to  set  the  course for  a  return  to  peace  and  development  to the  division.  

The  gathering  has galvanized  the  sons  and  daughters  of  all  the clans  of  Ndian  division  to  work  together towards  achieving  these  peace  and development  by  undertaking  a  diagnosis of  the  problems  and  challenges  facing the  division  and  propose  sustainable solutions.  

The  engaged  sons  and  daughters  of  the division, even those  in  the  diaspora who  are  sympathetic  to  the  Anglophone crisis  to see need in ceasing from  funding  and  support  for the  Anglophone  crisis.

Exchanges for a  return  to  peace  as  well  as  chart  ways for  community  development  and  restoration  of  the  economic  growth  of  the  division  through  increased  employment  of youths, was key on the agenda at the All Ndian Conference.  

Once  all  of  these  are  put  in  place and  fully  implemented,      socio-economic activities  would  resume  and  Ndian  division  would  pick  up  the  steam  to  be  great again.

With the come together, an economic boom is sure to return as the crisis that has greatly affected the socio-economic life of the regions, divisions and subdivisions. 

The conference in Ndian, Southwest region of Cameroon, was the first of its kind since the outbreak of the crisis that has left the once bouyant Ndian division into a shadow of itself. 

Ndian division is hosting the agro-industrial giant, Pamol Plantations PLC , that greatly contributes to the economic development of Cameroon. The area equally serves as a gateway into the country with a vast maritime border with Nigeria. 

As host of Pamol Plantations PLC and serving as a gateway into the country, Ndian division  coupled  with  its rich  crude  oil  Wells,  there  has  been  a large  scale  empowerment  of  the  population  in  the  various  economic  activities the  people  engaged  in.   

Pamol Plantations  PLC  employs  close  to  3,000 workers  both  skilled  and  unskilled  and the  remuneration  they  earn  helps  sustained  their  families  in  various  ways.  The company  produces  oil  Palm  and  rubber products  that  also  generate  other  sectors of  the  economy  in  the  country  which fetch  additional  income  both  at  home and  abroad.  

The  bilateral  and  multilateral trade  Cameroon  engages  in  with  other countries  are  equally  facilitated  by  the maritime  boundary  hosted  by  Ndian division  that  motivates  economic  activities  and  make  the  area  boom.  The  rich  oil resources  of  the  division  is  a  source  of revenue  and  employment.  That  is  why the  division  had  been  on  the  boom  before the  crisis  broke  out.  

The  violence accompanied  in the course of the  crisis  has  left  the division  begging  for  life  support.  Pamol Plantations  PLC,  the  trade  activities  and the  exploration  of  natural  resources  are almost  moribund.  The  hardworking  population  of  Ndian  division  has  escaped  to more  safer  zones  out  of  the  division. 

All the  economic  activities  are  grounded thereby  making  living  difficult  to  those left  in  the  division  and  others  who  fled the  area  as  they  have  little  or  nothing  to rely  on.  

The representative of the PM, Balungeli Confiance Ebune viewed the conference as a new and bright  beginning for Ndian, while expressing appreciation to Ndian youths for the initiative of the Conference, he noted that the conference was a true purveyor of the peace and development that all want to see in their division. 

He therefore called on individual Ndianites to leave aside their divisions and personal issues to work resolutely for this peace that will enable everyone to access their various villages again. He regretted that the crisis has impacted Ndian so  broadly with the closure of schools, impassable roads and more. 

The August guest highlighted what the government has done to end the troubles but he equally seized the moment to urge everyone to denounce the evil boys in our forests and their sponsors. 

In all, Minister Balungeli, chief of Cabinet at the Prime Minister's Office representing the PM at the conference, challenged Ndian sons and daughters to seize the momentum of the conference to make a difference in a division that has experienced the worst cases of senseless killings. 

With the end of the crisis, he related, Ndian's resources will begin to be enjoyed by all and government's plans and programmes for the administrative unit will be actualized. However, the main applause of the key note speech was reserved for the announcement that negotiations are ongoing to determine when work can resume on the Kumba - Ekondo Titi road.

The conference settled for presentations on the empowerment of the youth, women's emancipation, and the need to revamp Ndian's river ports to boost trade with neighbouring Nigeria.

Traditional rulers, MPs, Regional and divisional delegates from Ndian division, développement and the civil society actors answered present to immortalize the event.

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